Gaia’s Light and the Nature Meditation

Nature Meditation

We all come to Reiki in different ways and as practitioners, we follow sacred traditions which have been handed down from Master to student. Many practitioners find themselves drawn to other areas outside of their practice and sometimes they will bring these other skills into their healing work to great effect. This is what making Reiki ‘your own’ is all about.

For me personally, I believe The Universe Provides, just as our great earth mother Gaia nourishes us through nature. I suppose I’ve always been drawn to the idea of Gaia – the notion that a woman was nurturing us and looking after our needs. The idea that nature always gives us just what we need, when we need it most.

The very first time I took Reiki ‘outside’ into nature I felt excited and liberated, though I have to confess slightly nervous too. What a beautiful way to bring Reiki and Gaia together – all those beautiful energies mingling to provide a powerful healing. I recognise that my nervousness came from the ‘ego’. As you read more about spiritual growth you will encounter the ego a lot.  Nowadays I get it – ego represents all these things we want to project about ourselves – things that aren’t ‘real’. So I was nervous that my client might not ‘feel’ the energy. Believe me – that energy is working, and it’s going where it’s needed most – indoors or outdoors so I stopped worrying about that.

I am lucky – the part of the world I live in now means I can take Reiki outdoors often. I grew up in Scotland, so if you are a Reiki practitioner reading this from the Northern Hemisphere, don’t worry I appreciate that this may not be something you can easily add to your sessions.

However, we can still harness the amazing energies of Gaia and Reiki through meditation.

I felt called to add meditation on the breath and a visualisation to the start of each of my Reiki sessions to gradually transition my clients from the busy world outside to the healing space within. When your mind is working overtime, it’s hard to just shift things down a gear to a place where you feel relaxed and open – ready to receive what you need most.

Which brings me on neatly to my Nature Meditation/Visualisation. Please feel free to use this technique for yourself or with a client that finds it difficult to relax. I’d love to hear of it works for you.

Getting the atmosphere right

Make sure you are sitting or lying in a comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed. If you can’t go out in nature, you can bring nature to you. I like to use calming music to put me in the right frame of mind. I’ve discovered the sound of water and waves is not so relaxing for me – it may be for you – but the sounds of birds transport me instantly to warm summer days in my childhood (and yes -we did actually get a few warm days in Scotland). If you are out in nature you can use headphones, but make sure you are in a safe space. Why not take your shoes off and connect with the grass beneath your feet, or sit leaning against the trunk of a tree (it’s not as cookie as it sounds – try and it and you’ll see what I mean).

Make sure your body feels comfortable, do a few stretches, loosen muscles – whatever it takes to make your body comfortable. Ready? Then let’s begin …

Relax into Nature

Take a moment to relax your body. Get comfortable. Notice how your body feels, and make some slight adjustments to increase your comfort.

Become aware of your breathing – and the single breath – as you inhale – and exhale.

Take a deep breath in. Hold it for a few seconds.  Breathe out. Release any tension you feel in your body.

Breathe in again deeply. And hold it. And exhale – releasing stress. Releasing worries. Releasing any tightness in your body.

Relax your body

Continue to breathe in slowly and deeply …. With every breath out you feel more and more relaxed.

I am going to guide you through a meditation. As you follow, let your body and mind become more and more relaxed with each moment.

Imagine yourself walking outdoors

As you walk outside you feel the sun above you. The sun is high in the sky. The sunlight is warming and relaxing. You feel the sunlight shower you all over. You take a moment to stand outside, feeling that sunlight on your skin.

Keep breathing slowly and deeply. The sun enters your being. You feel the sunlight filling you up deep inside.

You look out to see a wooded area in front of you, full of trees. The sunlight is shining down on the forest and you decide to take a walk. The leaves are gently swaying in the warm breeze.

As you begin to walk through the forest, you see a small clearing ahead.

As you come closer to the clearing, you see that it is a meadow

You walk out of the trees, into the meadow. Tall green grass blows gently. There are daisies and buttercups and beautiful flowers all around.

You take your shoes off and feel the grass beneath your feet. You feel connected to the earth – you feel happy.

The sun begins to make you feel a bit sleepy …

It would be so nice to sit down in the grass.

Walk further into the meadow until you find a spot you like.

Perhaps you just want to sit down for a while. Maybe you want to lie down. You can do whatever you want. If you have a blanket with you, you can unroll that over the lush grass.

Just sit down or lie down – and feel the warm sun on your skin. Feel the gentle breeze soothe you

It is a pleasant day…warm, but not too hot – just quiet and peaceful.

Close your eyes and just listen to the sounds of nature – the grasses gently whispering in the breeze, and the gentle sounds of the leaves in the trees.

The birds singing to one another

It’s so relaxing just to lie here under the sun.

You become aware of all the wonderful smells. The smell of grass, the faint hint of wildflowers. You can even smell the earth as the sun warms it.

Rest in this beautiful spot. Rest in this beautiful meadow.

(breathing gently – pausing in this space for a few minutes. Be aware of your breathing. Inhale – and exhale).

Now it’s time to leave the meadow. It’s time to stand up slowly.

You feel so relaxed. You walk back across the grass. As you enter the forest, you can put your shoes on. The sun is still shimmering through the trees.

Notice your surroundings. Feel the surface beneath you. Hear the sounds around you. Slowly open your eyes and bring your awareness back into the room, or to your surroundings.

Take a moment to stretch your muscles and allow your body to reawaken.

When you are ready, have a glass of water, drink slowly and mindfully. This feeling of calm is yours to keep within.


If I’m doing Reiki I progress through the usual hand positions and leave the client to relax in the meadow for a few minutes … I try and time the ending of the meditation with a point where the client will either be turning over. If they have drifted into a natural snooze, I continue with the Reiki hand positions under the treatment couch so they are still receiving an all over healing.

Ahh – this is powerful stuff – I’m blissed out just writing this for you.

Namaste x

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