The Akashic Records and multi-dimensionality

Akashic Records

I was creating a Workshop to introduce the concept of the Akashic Records to a new audience recently and I was trying to create a visualisation to help the brain comprehend ‘where’ our soul wisdom is stored. On what dimension is this great library in the sky? How can we reach it? I soon realised it was impossible to even try and explain the Akashic Records without first talking about ‘Dimensions’. Speaking to those around me I realised people were a bit ‘vague’ on the details so I thought I’d try to provide some clarity around the topic for those of you who are keen to understand the big picture. This is from my own training in the Akash, my research as well as experiences within meditation and information provided within the Records. I may actually go into the Records with a specific question around dimensions at some point – but for now I hope this helps.

Our understanding of the Akashic Records has changed over the years as our vibration has shifted – and no doubt explanations will continue to evolve as we evolve. I may, myself update this article over time as my own awareness deepens.

For instance, there is a belief that the Akashic Records exist in the Fifth Dimension – the reason being our ‘past lives’ seemed to be accessed there – yet that is only one aspect of the information stored in the Records. Now many are saying past lives are stored in 7D (yes they can be accessed there too as you will see later).

Our viewpoint is continually changing because we are evolving our consciousness to think in terms of 5D. You see – we always think in terms of somewhere out there -separate to where we are right now.

I digress. The Akashic Records is more than the sum total of our past lives. The Akashic Records is bigger than the Fifth or even the Seventh Dimension.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, we tend to get pieces of information and more knowledge/wisdom as we integrate what we’ve been given thus far. So if the concept of going to one place (be that the Fifth Dimension or the Seventh Dimension) to access your soul truth is where you are at now – that is absolutely fine because ultimately we are just focussing on a way to help our brain conceptualise something we can’t actually conceive of. The rest of what I am about to share may/ may not resonate with you (at this point in time) but who knows perhaps there is something in this you are meant to read – to plant a seed for later on down the track.

OK – ready to go down the rabbit hole? 

Let’s be clear here – trying to analyse and conceptualise ‘dimensions’ is something that concerns the brain – that logical – analytic part of ourselves. Our Spirit already ‘knows’ and understands our multi-dimensional nature. This explanation is purely to satisfy the part of that just needs to know things on an intellectual level. Here goes – let’s give it something to think about.

3D: 3D represents a shorthand form of the word “three-dimensional,” – or the third dimension. This includes the dimensions of length, width, and height.

4D: 4D represents a shorthand form of the word “four-dimensional,” – or the fourth dimension  including the dimensions of length, width, height, and time.

5D: 5D represents a shorthand form of the word “five-dimensional,” – the fifth dimension includes the dimensions of lengthwidthheight, time, and a new dimensional space available to Humans in the new energy that’s been developing since December 21, 2012.

You will have heard a lot about 5D because the Earth and all beings living on the planet are shifting into a whole new level of reality in which a consciousness of love, joy, peace, freedom, compassion and spiritual wisdom prevails. This is ongoing today.  This has been called the Fifth Dimension or The Age of Aquarius. We’re not there yet but that’s what we are on the cusp of.

High Vibe multi-dimensional being

I have mentioned ‘vibration’ in many of my energy posts before and I find this is the best way to define ‘dimensions’ to the vast majority of people. Each dimension is divided in terms of vibration. It’s not a spacial concept. It’s our brain – which processes information about space and time – it’s our brain that is telling us that these other dimensions exist ‘somewhere’ else. That’s what the brain is ‘formatted’ to do.

But in reality all dimensions exist in the here and now (we only have now) – on top of one another – in the same space – they are just different vibrational frequencies (overlapped – one on the other). Think of an aura picture with all the colours swirling and radiating around the physical body and then imagine further layers extending outward/upward etc.

So when someone says you are a multi-dimensional being – and you have been for all time – it means exactly that – in the space you are standing in right now you exist on many different ‘levels’ many different dimensions.

As I mentioned previously, there is a school of thought that believes the Akashic Records exist on the Fifth Dimension/or even the Seventh – and that perhaps that’s why more and more of us have access to those Records now because we are raising our own vibration.

However, if you consider that we are multi-dimensional beings – it follows that the Records also exist – multi-dimensionally. They are all around us all the time – like air or the ether.

Now instead of this endless Hall of Records that stores every thought, every deed, every action – consider the thought is stored at the vibrational level to which it corresponds.(Remember this is just a concept to give your brain as a way to understand where the Records are stored dimensionally/ vibrationally).

It follows that the higher vibrational, enlightened thoughts will be stored on a higher vibrational bandwidth and higher dimension.

When you think of the Akashic Records – you might be thinking of a building (a physical library) – with rows and rows of bookshelves but this is because our brain can’t comprehend the idea that something goes on and on for ever with no end, with no boundaries or borders. So our brain is thinking of the biggest storage system it can possibly think of with lots of information – et voila – the library in the sky.

So we must remember this when we think about the Records not to get too hung up on how it appears to us in our thought process – because our logical 3D brain is trying to convert something beyond its capabilities into something it/we can understand.

Ultimately it’s useful to get to the point that you view the Akashic Records as ‘Source’ – but you may still be wondering well where is ‘source’ in terms of vibration or dimension?

As I mentioned in my Distance Healing article, this was where we all came from – this was us before we separated from Oneness – it’s where we sense one another during a healing.

To over-simplify, I  referred to it in the article simply as a big ball of white light above your head.

All the Dimensions within the Akashic Records (this endless library) can be seen as different floor levels (just like different floors in the biggest library you’ve ever seen). As you proceed up the stairwell or the elevator to each ‘Level’ to each floor – you notice different types of information filed on each level.

To me this reminds me of our ‘Chakra system’ and the frequency/vibrations/ affirmations/healings we have as we proceed through a chakra healing or balance.

On the first floor (the Base Chakra)- there’s information about ‘Survival’ (just as an example)- and then on the next level – Floor Two – all the information filed on that floor is about Creativity – (so immediately I’m thinking of the sacral chakra. Each floor (each dimension) is more expansive than the floor below it so it holds all the information from all the previous (dimensions) below it – in addition to the new information – so the totality of unity consciousness increases the higher in vibration you go.

Now to access the Akashic Records – you need to increase your vibration to the point that it is a match for the vibration of the information you want. Most people who have meditated or done the work on themselves would be a match vibrationally to at least one of the Floors/Levels/ Dimensions in the Akashic Records (which is why cultivating a meditation practice is so important). 

To add to the summary I provided earlier around the Fourth Dimension (4D), here we have access to every single thought that has ever been thought in this single lifetime (this lifetime we are living has been in a heavier dense vibration of the third dimension … and we are ascending to higher vibrations – which is why there is so much turmoil around us as the old paradigms break down. Think of the #MeToo movement just as an example. This is what we are talking about when we say he’s in a 3D mindset (the old patriarchy/traditional/old school).

6D: In the Sixth Dimension you are unlimited by space and by time so you can instantly experience a new timeline. I will discuss timelines and possible/probable pathways in a future post because it’s another fascinating area.

7D: In the Seventh Dimension – the sixth dimension is treated almost like a single point – there is no timeline anymore – the sixth dimension is one single point where all possible endings in terms of timelines in our Universe and all possible endings on our Universe are contained. They are contained in the single point called infinity. So all possible timelines/all probability pathways that could have or will have existed since the beginning of time – since the big bang – are contained in the seventh dimension.

So every thought that’s ever been thought in this Universe is contained in the Seventh Dimension.

At this point you might be asking – how can there be more than – Infinity?

The answer is – there can be other Infinities – other Universes created under different conditions – so those alternative conditions mean that different laws apply to that Universe (i.e laws of gravity). So it follows there would be other Infinities.

8D: So in the Eight Dimension that is where you begin to have access to the Infinity as it relates to our lifetime in this Universe.

9D: In the Ninth dimension you have access to being able to access any probability path in any timeline of being in any Universe instantaneously

10D: The Tenth Dimension – many of us refer to this as the top level – most expansive level –  is all probabilities of all Universes in the ninth dimension and all of these probabilities of all of those Universes in the ninth dimension is treated now as a single point. When you go further than that … the walls of the library which aren’t really walls of a library – we are now the walls of the library itself.

When we are beyond the Tenth Dimension we are in what’s called the Zero Point Field …. You don’t even have a point – instead it is a sea of probability waves that we call SOURCE …. This is THE TOTALITY of collective consciousness – not simply an expression of it . It is SOURCE.

It is important to understand – When we are talking about the Akashic Records that the multi-dimension – indeed multi-verse is where a consultation differs from Past Life Regression.

In a regression many people are taken to an earlier point in this lifetime – and then they may find themselves in a life prior to this life – but generally speaking this is in the fifth dimension since that is the frequencies where our Past Lives exist.

The Akashic Records contain so much more than your past lives in this timeline – the Akashic Records is SOURCE and is a complete imprint of your soul’s journey in this Universe and beyond.

Like anything – you are only limited by your own beliefs (and INTENTION)- particularly when we consider the Akashic Records. Those people who are committed to raising their own vibration – doing the work on themselves – will naturally be a match for higher and higher vibrational information – they will have access to higher floors/levels within the building,

The very fact you are interested and the very fact you’re here (at my workshop or reading this article online)- means you are interested in raising your vibration – and hopefully it means you are interested in taking responsibility for your own spiritual path – whether that’s to gain enlightenment on your own situation – or to help others and the planet . The goal of anyone committed to spiritual growth and a spiritual path is to raise their vibration. Enlightenment.

This is why, when someone approaches me to do a Reading or a Healing in the Akashic Records I ask how much they’ve done in the way of meditation. This way I can gauge which session the client is going to get the most out of. It’s High Vibration work. The more you do your work – the more effort you have put into doing your shadow work – the more you align yourself with your soul’s purpose – then the more likely it is you are going to be a vibrational match to the information you are seeking in Akashic Records. Your own actual experience in the Records is going to be very different to someone who has done no meditation whatsoever. If you have done none of this work, it is unlikely that you will get what you want from a journey yourself – and so that’s where someone like myself – a qualified Akashic practitioner – may be able to help you.

I understand that it is hard to get to grips with because our brain is really a tool to interface with the Third Dimension – we have a 3D brain. It’s like having a powerful computer but only running a very dated version of the software. It can only do so much.

I have found the more meditation you do – the more out of body work you do – the more work you do on yourself – the more you will understand the concept of your own vibration being a match to the multidimensionality nature of this Universe. The Akashic Records will become an experience – a reality – for you rather than just an ‘out there’ idea.

When accessing dimensions (or accessing the Akashic Records) becomes an experience for you – it then becomes ‘real’ for you. Then you can access all information that has ever been known and every thought that has ever been thought – throughout the beginning of all Universes within the totality of mass consciousness. Are you ready to experience immense unconditional love and divine wisdom stored within your Records?

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