Soul Synchronicities

An interesting event happened not long after my very first Akashic session reading. I had been looking after 2 stallions in the paddocks at the bottom of our laneway. Baby and Brahma were father and son (yes, I know Baby was not exactly the name you would think of for a stunning stallion – but Baby it was). From time-to-time I would have a gentle meander with Baby – he was nearly 30 after all – but we loved our time together. Out of the blue the owner mentioned she was bringing her other two mares to paddocks at the back of that property. I couldn’t wait to meet them. I mean, I seriously love horses so I was in bliss.

The day dawned and I excitedly clambered over the fences and gates that parted the hopeful stallions from the mares. One was a gorgeous brown horse – sedate and gentle with the biggest brown eyes – but the other was a tall, regal white horse. As I drew closer, I felt as though I’d been hit by a bolt of lightning – I was overcome with emotion. I felt a wave catch my throat as we locked eyes. As I reached up to connect with her and for a few moments I was lost in a world of bonding and adoration.

I have always been an animal lover and always felt connected to horses though I never had one of my own – but this – this emotional connection was way beyond anything I had ever experienced.

“What’s her name?” I asked, totally unaware of my surroundings at this point.

“Well she has a couple of names – she’s a Thoroughbred so you know – there are standards – so she’s called ‘Lunchtime Girl’ when I jump with her, but I had a couple of other names for her – I wanted to call her Tallulah but …” I didn’t hear anything else after that … My heart just about burst out of my chest.

“Hello Tully.” I whispered in secret commune.  I couldn’t stop looking at her – filled with so much awe and love. Eventually I realised I’d better get back to Baby and Brahma. They’d be missing their carrots and grooming. So I finally took my leave, but I walked away that morning to contemplate the wonders of the Universe once more – and to give thanks for the synchronicities that light up our pathway – or laneway – with love.


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