An Apatite for the Akash

Apatite Gaia's Light

This stone was a new one for me. I discovered it at a recent Akashic journeying session at Valentina’s place the other day. If you follow my work on the Akashic records you’ll know about the protection qualities of the Akashic Earth Bag we place on the Heart Chakra before each session. The bag holds a protective crystal (along with a representation of each of the elements). On this particular occasion, I was drawn to a turquoise-blue rock I had never seen before so I promptly decided this was the rock that would accompany me to the Records to access the knowledge contained and retrieve some much-needed soul wisdom. The Blue Apatite turned out to be the perfect crystal to accompany on my sojourn.

Blue Apatite embodies Gemini and Libra (I happen to be a Gemini myself) and is used for psychic activation and for accessing knowledge.  Blue Apatite is a strong stone for exploring past lives and their karmic patterns – which makes this an ideal stone to use in the Akashic Records. Used in the dream state it allows us to find creative solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems. With an uplifting energy, it can help us gain a higher perspective on situations. It creates a sense of openness and ease in social situations, enhancing communication and self-expression making it a wonderful companion for teachers, public speakers and children who feel overwhelmed by social situations. Blue Apatite is thought to be helpful for soothing headaches, stimulating eyesight and suppressing hunger. Affirmation: I open my inner eyes to the realms of hidden knowledge.

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