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When I look back at the last 12 months, I feel nothing but gratitude and love for the people I’ve met, the clients that have trusted me and shared their journey with me and the friends I have made. This afternoon while I was updating Gaia’s Light I took a trip down memory lane and read the amazing Reviews and Testimonials I received over the last 12 months. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to provide those lovely words. It’s affirming to know I am on the right path.

There are people in my life that have done it tough, and there are others who have made big changes, or stepped out of their fear. There are others who, simply by being themselves, with a smile, a kind word, or their presence – have made a difference. I wanted to say thank you to each and every single one of you too – just for showing up.

And – since it’s Christmas – I thought what better way is there to really say thank you, than to draw up a special list that may help all concerned.

For those of you who have recently come into my life here is a small promotion for your business. ‘Personal’ recommendations really are the best. Since I know so many amazing creatives, gifted healers and wise souls, I wanted to say I have no hesitation in recommending you all and if your name is listed below please do feel free to use my recommendation.

I will say, pulling together this list made me realise just how many incredible people I know, so I may make this a resource available and develop it in a more professional and permanent format in the future. If I have missed anyone, it was not intentional and you are no less loved or appreciated – I just hadn’t realised how long the list would be and how long it would take me to write …lol  … but you will make it to the updated version I promise.

In the meantime, maybe there is someone out there looking for a unique and thoughtful gift for family or loved ones – maybe even the spirit junkie or hippie in your life? Take a few minutes to visit each of these amazing souls on FB – they may have gift vouchers, artwork, magical supplies, or services available to you wherever you are in the world. Give the gift of a magical Christmas … Without further ado and in no particular order …

Avalon by Nature

A trusted supplier of metaphysical products located in Lake Macquarie and servicing rural/regional Australia too. That’s the official line but Jo offers so much more. I would have no hesitation in placing you in Jo’s hands if you want an ethical, hardworking woman in your spiritual team. I always say she is such a go-getter. She is always on the go! Literally! She makes things happen – for herself and others. Intelligent conversation, knowledgeable and passionate about the products she sells, and she is always ready for a giggle! She kick-started 2020 for me when she opened up her Swansea pop up shop and from here, I stepped out of my fear (stuck my head above the parapet) and ran two workshops and met some amazing people who I now call dear friends. I see Jo as a bringer together of like-minded souls and a catalyst of positive change – a vital soul at this time <3 Thank you beautiful <3

Bernie Popic Readings with Bernie


Beautiful Bernie shines her light, shares her wisdom, sparkling smile and crystal jewellery with the world – and we are all the better for standing in her radiance. My heart swells when I think of when we first met, the shared interests, the marathon conversations and the messages and love from Spirit in between. I see Bernie as a sparkling, radiant jewel – she is full of colour and positive, supportive, inspiring and loving energy and I am always smiling and all the lighter for time spent with her. I believe she is here as a healer and teacher. As some of you may know Bernie is shining her own special light on Neuro Endocrine Cancer and I know she would love if you could support The Unicorn Foundation in some small way. Please look out for this on her page and send some love, healing energy and chocolate! Bernie you always give from your heart – but this Christmas – from my heart to yours – keep shining and thank you for being you <3 

Kylie Wheeler at the Cat and Wolf

Cat and Wolf brings a bit of Magik and Wonder to brighten your everyday. Oh, my goodness – I was so excited when this shop opened up in Ourimbah, literally on my doorstep. The only sadness is this year I have not visited as much as I would wish because I love spending time (and a few dollars) here. So, let’s talk business first – Kylie goes above and beyond a ‘retail’ set up. She runs workshops filled with creativity and she is really bringing that sense of community into her shop space. She also hires out an area to provide Reiki or readings, so if you are a healer or practitioner looking for a spot she may be able to help. When she told me she was going to have herbs in jars and ‘potions’ for people to create their own ‘magik’ or ‘tea’ 😉 I think I screeched in delight …lol.  I really encourage you to check out the Cat and Wolf – you will find original ideas. Kylie also supports talented creatives and artists so you will find things in her shop that you won’t find anywhere else. What can I say about Kylie – apart from the fact I adore spending time in the space she has created and you will too. I personally go into another world when we chat – like we have gone back in time. I am sure we have ‘worked our magik’ around each other in another life for sure – or perhaps shared stories or a brew around a campfire. She is a wise and kind soul and I see her as a healer and a teacher – and she has a strong, deep earth mother vibration. <3 Kylie, I will be round for a chat, a cuppa and my own Christmas list soon– long overdue! <3

Nikki Duncan

Unique and spirit inspired handmade treasures from the Heart and Soul – Commissions Accepted. This woman is a treasure. Not only is her artistry beautiful (I have a few items on my altar that have pride of place), her work is unique, detailed, inspired and stunning. Nikki draws her inspiration from nature, Spirit and the world around her and you can really feel this on an energetic level. She is kept very busy as she is dedicated to supporting her wonderful family (in addition to working on her magical creations) – but she was one of those people I connected with before we ever met. Funny to think I had been drawn to her inspired creations – and began chatting with her before I made the connection. She has given her knowledge, artistry and wisdom so generously to me – and I am lucky and truly blessed to have met her. Nikki is humble, beautiful and wise. Thank you for reminding me about the healing layers of an onion – I needed to be reminded of the things I ‘used to know’ – and I needed to hear those words that day. <3 Thank you beautiful <3

Emma Airnes

Illustrations & Wall Art. Each piece of artwork is an original and has either been hand-drawn, hand-painted or created using digital photography, fabrics and materials to create a unique piece. OK – I will fess up – This is my wonderful sister and she is based in Scotland. I am beyond proud. Filled with love and admiration (for all the creatives in my family actually). She is a creative who is also an Art Teacher and she juggles the demands of a hyper young family (and husband) …lol. She creates pieces that are so close to my heart – often centred around wildlife and the environment around her. I feel a sense of ‘love’ and ‘home’ when I look at her creations and I am just so bloomin’ proud. <3 Sisters <3

Reiki Master at Ancient Hands Faye Saxby

Where do I begin with Faye? First of all it’s no accident I have listed her after my sister, for we are most definitely soul sisters. I wish I could have Faye living next door to me – I would be there every day just to bask in her calm, gentle, Buddha-like energy. She doesn’t have an official Reiki page set up on Facebook yet, but I believe this may be on the cards for next year. (I will be sure to let everyone know). If you would like a distance session or would like to give (or receive) the gift of Reiki then simply DM her on her current page. If you’ve already had or you are about to have a Reiki treatment from Faye yourself, then consider yourself truly blessed because Faye is a Master Healer – though knowing her as I do, she would never refer to herself that way. When I say Master Healer, I mean you just need to be in the presence of this this wonderful human being to feel better within yourself.  I am not exaggerating when I say she has a Buddha-like energy and I think in 2021 this is exactly what people will seek out! Faye also happens to be a gifted writer so I do hope she sets up a Facebook Page so we can all benefit from some of her wise and beautiful words. <3 I just have to see your face and I feel instantly feel happy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the gift of your beautiful friendship. You are going to help SO many people. You are amazing. <3

Peter Williams

I couldn’t have a list like this and not have all round great guy Peter Williams on it. Pete is based on the Gold Coast and many know him as a psychic medium, but he is SO much more than a medium. Last year he published his first book – a Memoir called Searching Spirit which is still receiving 5-star reviews (might be a gift idea for you there). He also offers guided meditations, great courses and podcasts with very cool guests all offering their pearls of wisdom. 2021 is going to be a huge year for Pete as his offering evolves and he really steps up another level taking his youthful good looks, cheeky smile and straight-talking wise words to an even wider audience. He is a breath of fresh air in this crazy world so if he’s not been on your radar before – now is the time to check him out. He’ll help kick your spiritual butt into shape, but he’ll make you laugh as he does it <3 Fellow Gemini so obviously awesome <3

Triona Sheeran

Triona Sheeran is based in Ireland and she is a Clinical & Spiritual Hypnotherapist, specialising in QHHT® (Level 3) & Lives Between Lives Regression Therapy. She is also a fully qualified and accredited practitioner trainer and provides training, mentoring and therapy sessions to clients and students around the world. If you are interested in QHHT or you’d like to know what happens – between lives check out her page, there may be some sessions on there you could provide as a gift for someone in your life – or it may be time for you to get to grips with anxiety or your fears. She is also going to be running some amazing course next year and I know she has a few exciting projects in the pipeline so check Triona out. She is currently offering something PRETTY special – the opportunity for a QHHT sponsorship as well as some unique and original gift voucher ideas. <3 So much to be excited about for 2021 beautiful lady. Bring it on I say <3

Donna Randall

Queensland based Donna is such a wonderful human being. I met her at Peter Williams’ book launch last year and she is the business brains behind Inspired Life Events, Owner and Founder of Inspired Life Cruises and Owner and Founder of Shabby Style. Another beautiful soul I have been so fortunate to meet. Of course, this year has been a challenging one for so many of us in business and needless to say cruises came to a halt. That said Donna has an enterprising spirit and she is wonderful at bringing people together. Check her out – she may have something to inspire you on her Facebook page this Christmas. <3 Looking forward to connecting again in 2021 lovely lady and I hope it won’t be long before you are on the high seas again <3

Gardener, Author and Artist Cheralyn Darcey

I first met Cheralyn in January when I attended a couple of her workshops. Cheralyn is such a joyful soul to be around and her passion for garden is so infectious. In fact, recently she has taken on even more projects in the community including a slot as radio presenter on @coastfm963. I mention her here because from a healing perspective, I believe nature and the great outdoors has a huge role to play in our mental health, general wellbeing and our spiritual connection. Cheralyn has published her own Oracle cards (with garden themes) and a range of gardening books. She also runs online courses – and I have no idea where she finds the time, but she is a beautiful and inspirational woman who always has a huge smile on her face. If you know someone who loves their garden, perhaps Cheralyn has something on her page for you. <3 Thank you for introducing me to the Magik of gardening. My soul is so grateful <3

Michelle Cowles 

Discover and address the cause of your ailments. The human body uses symptoms to alert us to imbalances- physical, mental, emotional or biochemical, or spiritual. Michelle specialises in helping you to resolve past life, ancestral and dimensional imbalances and she is also a QHHT® practitioner. Michelle has a range of gift vouchers available if you would like to give the gift of wellbeing to a loved one this Christmas. I met Michelle this year and we have already spent such nourishing and divine time together discussing life and the Universe. She is a fellow Gemini and I can count on one hand how many female Gemini’s I’ve met in my life so this was an added gift – we are often so misunderstood …hahaha … Michelle has a gentle, soothing, healing energy and she understands what it is to be a human being navigating the stresses and challenges of this lifetime.  If you are in the Belmont area of the Hunter region do check her out. <3 Michelle thank you for being on my spiritual healing team. It’s been awesome getting to know you <3

Valentina Mathias

Valentina is an Akashic Master Healer living on the East Coast of Australia. Three things people say about her are: She is a peaceful, floating energy field. Her teaching & healing methods are innovative, practical and effective. She is nurturing to be around. Her top 3 offerings are: 1. ‘she Has Sunshine in Her Heart’ – Sunrise+Chakra Activations 2. ‘The Tree and Me’ – doTERRA pure essential oils education, sales and mentoring 3. ‘Born Akashic’ – Akashic Records reading, training & mentoring. Valentina was my gorgeous teacher when I studied Akashic Level 1 and Advanced Akashic Level 2 when I became an Akashic Reader/Healer Practitioner. She so generous in terms of sharing her time, her knowledge and hospitality. If 2021 is your year to learn something new or perhaps you would like to bring your life into balance, her beautiful sunrise chakra activations will ensure your day starts off the right way. <3 Valentina thank you for your continuous support and mentorship as my Akashic Journey unfolded. It’s been an experience I shall always treasure. <3 You are a beautiful Akashic Goddess <3

Hand Analysis – Jo Hayden

I haven’t met Jo in person yet – though we have connected through Zoom and the wonders of FB. Jo is a professional Hand Analyst and Reiki Master. Here are a few words from her page. “I have been studying Palmistry for more than 30 years. In 2015 I studied Hand Analysis for a weekend with Jena Griffiths a Hand Analyst from Zurich. Then in 2017 I signed up for the year-long, intensive studying Advanced methods of this system, with Kay Packard in America. I have read over 2000 people in the past 4 years. Hand Analysis is different to Palmistry as it is not predictive. It is based on scientific evidence that has been tested over and over to develop a system that so far only two people have disagreed on the review of their hands. This form of Palmistry was developed by Richard Unger (USA).” So, as a unique and original gift idea I thoroughly recommend Jo. Even though she is based up in Queensland she was able to send me a hand kit. You basically press your hands to the ink sheets and then scan the sheets and send back to her. From here she provides a one hour reading on Zoom. This lady is direct and honest in her interpretation and her advice is on the mark. This would be a fabulous gift for someone, and distance wouldn’t be a problem. <3 Thank you for bringing out the shaman in me <3

Quantum Energy Healer Tina Slade

Many of you know I have been drawn to Light Language recently – I love how it sounds and feels as it is experienced in my body and I love the way the language and codes look in design. It started off as simply a desire to hear this ‘familiar’ dialect it but as time has gone on, I have learned more and more. I then consciously put it out to the Universe that I wanted to tap into my own Light Language – which is around the time UK-based Tina Slade stepped onto my path. But more on that next year. If you are fascinated by the Quantum field or you know someone in your life that might be interested in Energy Healing why not check out her Facebook page. I don’t want to give away too much about her now because I plan to write an article about her work and the amazing Light Language Healing session I received from her in the New Year but suffice to say I am so looking forward to 2021. <3 Divine <3

Medium and ‘Passionpreneur’ Lysa Michelle

Lysa Michel is a Spiritual Transformational Teacher and Medium who connect with loved ones passed over and help’s passionate spiritual people to live life on their terms, uncover their natural gifts and show them how to make money serving others as spiritual entrepreneurs. Do you have someone in your life who would benefit from a bit of passion in their life and business. Lysa offers a range of course or membership options and tailors her offering specifically to women asking the question ‘are you ready to embrace your feminine power? If you know someone who wants to really step up and live their best life, Lysa may be just the right mentor and coach for them so please do check out her page to see what she has on offer for Christmas. A Power House of a woman who makes things happen!

Angels with Abi- Abi Wharton

I actually met Abi 5 or more years ago when Mr P was seconded to the UK. Abi and I worked for the same company. She is such a people person so perhaps not surprising she worked in HR (like so many of us who had a corporate career before we stepped into our passion). Since then Abi has followed her passions, trusting the Universe has her back. She runs Angels with Abi and also works with animals. Of course anyone that loves and cares for animals as much as she does, is a perfect human in my eyes She is such a warm, joyous woman and I know if I was back in the UK we would be spending lots of time together. She offers Angelic Reiki Distance sessions and Angelic Card Readings so if you would like to give a unique gift to someone you care about get in touch with Abi to see what she can do for you. <3 Pure and Joyous Angel Energy <3

Visionary Artist and Teacher Susy Pawelka Plummer h

I wanted to give a shout out to Susy because she is another lovely human being I met in January. Both Susy and her daughter are creatives in every sense, in fact she is part of a much larger family of creative souls. One of my favourite items that adorns my studio is a Spirit Guide drawing she channelled for me along with a message – the Reindeer Goddess Bieve. When I unwrapped it, I was immediately captivated I really felt Susy had tapped into a part of me that not many people know about – and that I was only really aware of on the peripherals if that makes sense. I knew this guide and I understood the message. So, if you are looking for an original gift idea do visit Susy’s page or her inner life art website to see what she can do for you. Susy has also published very cool Oracle cards called The Noble Quest – Discover your Spirit Path – which are a wonderful artistic and spiritual collaboration. <3 A beautiful soul who knows her mission <3

I hope you got a few original thoughts and ideas for Christmas – as I say I can see an updated version of this list coming soon. I hope whoever is reading this has a magical Christmas and I hope you are all ready for 2021 because it is going to be EPIC! Love and Light to all <3

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