Taking care of business 2023 style …

coming out of my shell

Hello beautiful souls. How are you all? How is 2023 treating you so far? With love, kindness & gentleness I hope.

For those of you who follow me across Gaia’s Light and Write from Source, I wanted to make sure you were the first to know about a few changes I have made to my business structure.

Last year I mentioned I had found myself running 4 businesses (I know – ridiculously crazy). I had said I needed to work out how I had gotten to that point and what I was going to do moving forward. Everything about life was, and continues to be, a bit of a shake-up… for which I am grateful because now I have clarity.

The short answer is – McRae Communications Consultancy and The Butterfly Bureau (aimed at corporate clients/professional writers) will be de-registered as businesses over the rest of this Financial Year. After much soul-searching and tuning into where I am feeling the ‘passion’, I finally feel it’s time to let them go … (eek). This means I will not be taking on any more large-scale corporate projects as I did 18 months ago – at a time when I had already made the decision mentally but wasn’t quite ready to say ‘no thank you’.

Longer answer (sorry you’re not getting off with it that easily… lol). It was a HUGE step for me to do this and it shows me how far I have come in accepting and embracing my soul’s calling.

My whole life has been a dance between my spiritual self and being seen to be a serious/professional writer and career woman. I suppose that’s the ego talking, isn’t it? I was always scared to let McRae Comms go because … what then? Who am I? When I say it’s taken years to get to this point of acceptance, I’m not exaggerating. Just when I felt I could do it and archive my website or cease my business registration I’d stop myself and say ‘no no no – it’s good money… maybe one more year.”

Like so many of you, I worked hard for my career, and I dedicated myself to following my passion as a creative and ‘professional’ writer. The irony, I noticed, was that I worked so hard for others and their writing (be it corporates or my ghostwriting projects), but when it came to my writing, I had little energy left to share my voice and accrued wisdom. Don’t get me wrong, this was exactly what I wanted, what I dreamt of – to write for a living – to write for others. But I also dream of writing in my own name and in my own voice. The dream I have cherished my whole life is to write words that heal and to use writing to help others.

I also knew I was destined to be a ‘practitioner’ of energy, an alchemist, turning pain into wisdom – finding (or creating) the magic in life – it’s a path I was always aware of. My mum had a book of spells. She kept shells and rocks in her pockets, just as I do … I’m sure like many of you. If you know, you know. It took me many years to accept that’s who I was. But once I accepted it – life ‘flowed’.

Over the last few years, I have been turning to face my calling – aligning myself – making all the decisions that will bring that into reality. This last year has brought everything into sharp focus – and I know many of you have been feeling the same since 2019.

I’m not really doing anything or saying different from the past 30+ years – I’m just finally pushing aside all other distractions. As one of my Mentors once said to me – it’s time to – ‘stick one’s head above the parapets’. I also realise, that fully embracing my Mission – does not negate, diminish, or erase all my professional achievements or experiences thus far. That all comes with me and informs everything I do. In fact, it’s so exciting to be able to combine it all …

So, when I had tapped in and sussed all that lot out (phew), a few things began to make sense.

Gaia’s Light Spiritual Consultancy and Write from Source have moved, front and centre. Interestingly I realise that Write from Source is, in itself, a healing modality (even the ghostwriting aspect)– and as such – I plan to bring Write from Source under Gaia’s Light as a healing ‘offering’ rather than a sister company of McRae Comms.

Write from Source will still have its own website running courses, workshops, mentorship programmes and ghostwriting opportunities (for message-driven content only) and more creative or ‘writing-orientated material. However, that content will be aligned with the mission and ethics of Gaia’s Light Spiritual Consultancy. The aim of Write from Source is ‘healing’ – and helping you ‘Overcome & Become’ – helping you see the incredible magic of who you already are. You will begin to see Write from Source mentioned on Gaia’s Light more and more as I intertwine the two. Ultimately, Write from Source will become a proprietary offering – a healing modality – under Gaia’s Light.

With all this said, you may find posts duplicated on both Facebook pages – but that will only be in the short term until I sort out my branding hierarchy and experiment with a few things as I bring the two audiences together.

It’s worth pointing out that we are still in a state of limbo in terms of ‘location’, so there may be some quiet days ahead (online at least) when we have to pack up and move house once more (for the last time I hope – unless the Universe has other plans).

So, I think all that’s left for me to do is give thanks to my ‘professional’ self. She supported me as a single mother across the other side of the world from all support systems/friends and family. My professional self, gave me belief in myself – that I could achieve anything I set my mind to. I supported my daughter (and various animals), paid bills, provided holidays, food, clothing and care – I provided life’s essentials where I could. There’s nothing to prove to the ‘ego self’ anymore. But thank you – I take those learnings and experiences with me – carrying them forward into the future.

This all leaves me free to focus – free to serve and finally free to live in alignment as my authentic (still a work in progress) self.😊

I hope that helps explain where business is heading in 2023 and helps explain how I am going to show up for you beautiful souls.

I want to thank you all – you are always SO AMAZING and supportive, kind, and generous in sharing your time with me. Please know I am always here for you, shining the light that’s guiding you home. Love & Light always

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  1. Nickie Millard says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us Evie 🙏😊
    Exciting times ahead for both Gaia’s Light Spiritual Consultancy and Write from Source…. Can’t wait to see it all unfold ✨💜

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