The Magic of Memoir – A Healing & Creative Journey Workshop

Give trauma a voice through writing
A truly magical day for me. So blessed to have attended both your workshops Evie. (Akashic and Magical Memoir). So much great information to absorb and process. Lovely energy from you and the other participants. Just what I needed at the perfect time.
Faye Saxby, Reiki Master
The Magic of Memoir Writing Workshop
Throughout the whole writing process, Evie not only captured my voice, but she helped me tell my story in a way I would have never known was possible. I cannot recommend her highly enough and I know who I will be contacting when it’s time for book number two." Read Peter's full testimonial on Write from Source.

The Magic of Memoir – A Healing and Creative Journey will be of real value to any level of writer whether you are a dabbler, scribbler or a professional. This is also for people who have no writing experience whatsoever but are interested in a creative way to tap into their soul’s journey. 

Duration: 4 hours

Format: Workshop/groups – minimum of 6 people

Price – $120 each

Payment options – Paypal and Electronic Transfer Payments. A $20 non-refundable deposit will be required at time of booking. 

The workshop will be split into 2 sessions:

If you think about part one as being the part where your brain is engaged in cognitive functioning. This is the part where I provide structure and guidelines on the practicalities of writing your story. The second part is more about encouraging the ‘ego’ and the conscious, cognitive processing brain to step down a gear – allowing access to the subconscious and beyond.

Part One: 

  • First thing’s First: Knowing the story you’re going to write 
  • What’s your narrative?
  • Finding your voice
  • Publishing Industry Considerations
  • Professional Writer’s Recommendation
  • A brief overview on how to get started – and keep going

Part Two:

  • Guidance on how to tap into all the resources you have around you – and within you. This may include:
    • your senses
    • your higher self
    • your guides
    • Akashic records (brief explanation)
    • and of course ultimately your experiences.
    • Disengage the thinking brain
    • Guided meditations. Connecting to the source etc
    • Automatic writing (exercise)
    • A variety of short writing exercises that will give you the tools to carry on yourself at home
    • How to tackle Writer’s Block

Participants will receive a small goody bag of writing materials – and aids to inspiration – all of which can be taken home. At the end of this workshop you will have all the tools you need to, not only get started, but to keep going when things get tough. 

I can't recommend Evie highly enough for her amazing Magic of Memoir workshop. I was lucky enough to attend Evie's workshop and all I can say is WOW! I received so much information, clarity and direction in this class! Even if you never put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, Evie takes you on a healing journey
Bernadette Popic, Central Coast, Australia
The Magic of Memoir Workshop, 2020

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