Lemon aid

Nature has an amazing knack of surprising us with the versatility of the ingredients in her store and the feisty citrus fruit is no exception. In fact, it may be the most dynamic of them all as Gaia’s Light explains.

The lemon tree’s roots were firmly planted in India before spreading to Italy toward the end of the 5th century. The early Romans considered the sharp tangy fruit to be an antidote for many poisons and indeed Italians today still believe that eating fresh lemons will combat wide spread infections. Nowadays lemons are available the world over, and it seems scientific research can finally explain what our ancestors must have known throughout the ages.

The reverse effect

Chemical Nutritional Science (CNS) has researched the make up of lemons, the results of which have gone some way to explain why our ancestors understood the capacity of this wondrous fruit. Put simply, lemons have an extremely high electric output and when you unlock the atomic structure of the lemon you see that it has the reverse ionic orbit of any food on the earth. In layman’s terms this means that the electronic make-up of the lemon is different to any other food (an ion being an electrically charged particle).

Lemons have a frequency and electric current that a lot of people refer to as acid. Acid is just an exchange of electrons in the cells. This is fascinating because it means that the electrons are attracted to and have an affect on illness in the body. As a result lemons have a powerful cleansing effect on the body as it seeks out all the “nasties” in our system. The implications of this are far reaching as Don Tolman, experimental-nutritional eating researcher and international speaker, explains.

“One of the leading causes of human organic disease is clogging of the tubes in the body. When the molecular tubes are clogged the body produces a very thick viscous serum which can also be very toxic and destructive. This serum is something that medical communities refer to as plaque. If this serum is toxic and destructive, then the body’s lymph system generates mucosal tissue to surround it which then creates an even greater thickness or obstruction. This is when we see the development of plaque.” Most of us will be familiar with plaque in terms of dental plaque, heart plaque or cholesterol plaque. It’s this plaque that leads to hardened or blocked arteries.

Don goes on to say “The beautiful thing about lemons is that they appear to target the neurones which float around our body and this is part of the process of breaking up plaque and dealing with that bacterial and viral inflammation. Lemons can reverse the onset of illness by strengthening the whole cell – helping the body to clear and eliminate the plaque and the inflammation that comes from it – all the things that we tend to refer to as the symptoms of disease. Lemons are probably one of the most profound foods that can help to re-establish harmony in the chaos of our physiology.”

Not only does this yellow fruit have immense therapeutic applications, it has numerous cleansing, cosmetic and culinary benefits too,

Zest for health

Surprisingly, given the obvious acidic nature of lemons, the fruit can actually counteract acidity in the body. Citric acid is neutralised during the digestion process which gives rise to carbonates and bicarbonates of potassium and calcium which help to maintain the alkaline of the system. If left untreated, gastric acidity can lead to pain and ulcers.

The rich mineral and vitamin content provide an ideal boost for the defense system. Lemons have always been a popular remedy for feverish chills and coughs. Numerous over-the-counter products based on honey and lemon mixtures are widely available.

The freshly squeezed juice and extracted oil can be used to:

Treat external wounds, infectious illnesses, bronchitis flu and gastric infections; Reduce temperatures, stem bleeding, boost the immune system, act as a bactericide, counteract acidity in the body, tone the circulatory system, alleviate varicose veins and reduce high blood pressure.

Lemon is also used in preventative regimes against arteriosclerosis, to combat oily skin, acne, boils, chilblains, cellulite, arthritis, poor circulation, rheumatic and arthritic aches and pains, sore throats, nervous tension, mild depression; and to ease heart palpitations associated with stress and anxiety. In fact lemon has proven stimulating and its tonic properties help increase blood circulation, nourish the blood and strengthen overall body functions. It also has an anti cancer effect and helps lower cholesterol levels in the body.

Actions: Anti-bacterial; anti-inflammatory; anti-histamine; anti-rheumatic; anti-scorbutic; antiseptic; anti-viral; cleansing; cooling; diuretic; toning for heart and blood vessels.

Add a twist to your beauty regime:

• Lemons are a good source of vitamin C and will enhance the beauty of your skin.

• Astringent and antiseptic properties battle greasy skin and hair, blemishes and spots.

• Banish toxins, cellulite and water retention by drinking hot water and squeezed lemons.

• Reduce wrinkles by rubbing lemon on to your skin and leaving for 2 hours.

• Rinse off with olive oil and say hello to new skin.

• Lose weight with lemons. They increase the metabolism and stimulate fat burning cells.

“Lemons can reverse the onset of illness by strengthening the whole cell – helping the body to clear and eliminate the plaque and the inflammation that comes from it”

Want to know more about Don Tolman’s research? Visit www.dontolmaninternational.com more information and decide for yourself.

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