Back to Nature with Reiki

If you have already been attuned to the ancient healing system of Reiki, you will be aware if the benefits for you and your family but did you know it has other uses too?

Apart from self-treatments and treating others, Reiki can be used for a number of other purposes. This makes it quite distinct from other healing methods as it really can be used in all aspects of daily life.

In the world of scientific materialism, many people find it hard to believe that Reiki can be used on, for example, inanimate objects. Even those practising Reiki find this hard to take in. In this case, experience is the proof. So when you have a problem with your compute or one of your plants is dying, try Reiki, remembering that everything in the Universe is created from energy and that all you are doing is giving energy where there is a lack or imbalance.

Life energy is as much part of vegetation as it is of humans and animals. There are a number of ways in which Reiki can enhance the life of your plants.

With indoor plants, begin by giving Reiki to the roots by placing your hands around the pot. If you think of a plant as having a body, this is the area of the plant that takes in the sustenance that keeps it alive, so it is more important to give Reiki to the roots than to the upper part of the plant. When you intuitively feel that enough energy has been drawn into the roots, move your hands to the upper part of the plant and, holding your hands about 2 ½ cm (1”) away from the leaves give Reiki again. Obviously, you also need to attend to the plant in the normal way – Reiki will not be able to help if the plant needs to be re-potted. If a houseplant is not doing well in spite of all your care and giving it Reiki, try moving it to another part of the room. Plants are good indicators of negative energy caused by geopathic stress areas – such as underground streams or ley lines – under a building, and they will often thrive when they are moved, regardless of light conditions.

You can also give Reiki to your garden or individual garden plants. If you are planting bedding plants or growing flowers or vegetables from seed, give Reiki to them before planting. If you have a large garden it is probably impossible for you to give Reiki to everything, but if you have a second degree Reiki then you can use the distance healing method to send Reiki to your entire garden. Whatever your level of gardening skills, or your Reiki, you can experiment with using Reiki on plants until you find the method that works best for you

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