Making Moon Water to Honour the Great Mother

Here in Tasmania, we are bathing under the light of the Blue Moon in Pisces – a Super Moon no less. This means the moon will appear bigger and brighter because it’s closer than usual to the earth.

The last ‘Blue Moon’ happened on August 22, 2021 and the next one won’t happen until August 19th/20th, 2024.

It’s worth noting, there are two different definitions for a Blue Moon. A seasonal Blue Moon is the third Full Moon of an astronomical season that has four Full Moons. A monthly Blue Moon is the second Full Moon in a calendar month with two Full Moons. With this in mind, you may see a couple of different dates quoted for Blue Moons from time-to-time.

When it comes to moon rise and peak, keep in mind, there’s no need to get hung up on the exact time/date of the Full Moon (or Blue Moon) unless you are harnessing her energies for a specific aspect of your practice. The energies are potent in the build-up and the day or two after the Full Moon, so if you celebrated early, or missed the exact day, don’t worry. You can still charge your crystals or celebrate your rituals as intended. It also depends on where you are in the world (time zone wise). Our feeds are flooded with information from the US, so sometimes, depending on who you follow you may be getting information from a US or Europe/UK perspective.

Illuminate your truth

This particular Full Moon/Blue Moon will bring the truth of a matter out into the light and this in itself may allow for some level of release … you know that big exhale you feel after all the emotional turmoil and all the stress? That release you feel when something finally comes to a head? There is relief and release from knowing it’s out of your hands because the truth is out there. You may find something close to your heart has ended its ‘emotional’ cycle (since the last Blue Moon in 2021). It’s worth remembering this can be applied to your external, personal life, your inner spiritual and emotional life and to events on the worldwide stage. I can totally relate to this given the emotional upheaval of moving (it took a year to find our new home), combined with the grief and bereavement of losing three deeply loved people in our lives.

Reconnect with your vavavoom

Pisces is a mutable water sign and rules our emotions, spirituality, dreams, intuition and creativity. As a Gemini (a mutable air sign), I’m benefiting from the gentle energies under the influence of this Pisces Moon. I’d been feeling anxious and finding it difficult to find my ‘space’ again after the ‘emotional’ upheaval I just referred to, but it feels like my family and I may have worked through these painful emotions and lessons on loss that were such a feature of these past months. This is a time for us all to see our emotions fully illuminated, though we will all experience this time differently, depending on what came before (and what we needed to release).

If you have been feeling disconnected from your emotions, your Spirit, your joy and creativity, then this is the time you will start to feel that connection again. You’re going to get your creative and spiritual mojo back.

This is such an exciting time because for some of you, this may be the start of your Awakening, or you may be delving deeper into the truths of your spiritual practice. You will be feeling inspired, and your dreams and meditations are going to feel so potent and symbolic. Make sure you write down any messages you receive in your dream or astral state. Everything is just going to feel so ‘vivid’ so clear – (remembering how clear you will see the Blue Moon because it’s closer to the Earth).

Honouring the Great Mother

The Moon is all about The Mother – our emotions and our feelings – and for me, this Full Moon in Pisces is all the more symbolic because we have just returned from farewelling Mr P’s beautiful mother.  This Full Moon in Pisces reflects at a very deep level how profound and foundational our relationships are with our Mother (whether good or challenging) so it can be a time of deep emotion.

Hold sacred space for another human being

Ultimately, Pisces is a sensitive, kind, empathetic and compassionate soul – so use this time to feel into your connectedness to Source and Oneness. What areas of your life can you bring in that kindness and compassion for others? This may be a good time to think about how you can serve humanity with the simple act of kindness – a smile is sometimes all it takes to make a connection. Holding sacred space for others is in focus at this time.

Cosmic considerations

In amongst the Moon’s and Pisces energy we’ve got so many Retrogrades happening at the moment. In fact, the only planet not going retrograde is Mars which is in Libra – (not really a sign that helps Mars fully express its own vavavoom…lol). With all of these retrogrades going on it’s fair to say this is not a time for charging ahead or making things happen. It’s not a time for growth or expansion – a few months ago perhaps – but not right at this moment.

This is more a time for getting things in order (like using the rainy day to clear out that drawer you always intended to sort out). It’s a time to reassess, or even reconsider your next steps.

With September on the horizon it’s worth looking back through the rear view mirror and asking yourself – ‘Am I where I wanted to be this year?’ ‘Is that plan working out for me or do I need to change direction – take a new approach?’ Your answer may be a resounding ‘Yes’, in which case – great just use your time to plan and get the next stages in order.

If your answer was ‘No’, then it’s time to think about what you can learn (or take from the situation) so you can move forward in a new direction. You still have time to get back on track – just don’t keep charging ahead in the wrong direction. Use this time to re-evaluate and work out what’s next.

All that said, given this is not a time that facilitates growth and expansion, I would caution against making any drastic changes – no knee jerk reactions. Just plan carefully and bide your time.

Use the Pisces energy to tap into your inner world – your emotional, spiritual, and creative self. Create some breathing space for yourself – hold sacred space for others. Turn your thoughts to your Mother, or the Great Mother and perhaps reflect on what the Divine Feminine means to you if you feel you have lost that ‘Mother’ connection.

This is a time to Mother yourself– softly, with compassion and kindness. Cherish and protect your heart and your home. Rest. Meditate. Tune in to your dreams. Breathe Deeply. Release

Things you can do to honour the Full Moon in Pisces:

Moon Water: As I mentioned earlier Pisces is a mutable water sign so it seems fitting to honour the passing of my mother-in-law by making a new batch of Moon Water for my altar. Its gentle energies will help remind me of the importance of compassion, unconditional love and kindness.

Moon Bathe: I love to stand under the moonlight and absorb her soul-stirring, cleansing and healing balm. Look to the moon and envision you are being showered with motherly love – unconditional love that connects you with Source. Imagine it cleansing your aura and breathe in deeply. Hold the breath and then exhale – holding the exhaled breath until your lungs feel empty.

Moon ‘Bath’
If you can’t, get outside to absorb the magical moonlight, take a bath filled with water, flowers and scents. Imagine your body absorbing the energy of the full moon. Use this time to set intentions, either around releasing emotional baggage, or perhaps around honouring the Great Mother or the Divine Feminine.

Inner Cleanse: Drink lots of water.

Cleanse your crystals. You can use Moon Water to wash your crystals, or find a stream, or the sea ( water in nature) to cleanse them. Or simply arrange your crystals under the moon. Leave overnight.

Make Space: Since this Moon in Pisces is a time to re-assess, re-evaluate, to plan ahead and bring some order to your life, this would be a great time to clean your cupboards – or that drawer that has an assortment of items waiting to be put away. Throw out any items you don’t need to make space for new things in your life.

Channelled Writing – The Full Moon is a magical time to Journal. Reflect on all the points I have covered in this article. Is there something in here you would like to journal about? Perhaps you are feeling particularly inspired by the energies of this Blue Moon … see your pen as an extension of you. Relax. Let the words flow.

If you would be interested in receiving Full Moon Spells and Rituals in the future do let me know. In the meantime wishing you lots of sparkling Cosmic Full Moon Blessings.

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