Akashic Writings

I have been a writer as long as I can remember – and an avid reader since my mother taught me to read at four-years-old. If you are familiar with my work either professionally or spiritually, you’ll know my history so I won’t bore you with the background here – there’s plenty to read elsewhere on this site and others. I merely mention it as an anchor point from which to launch into something that feels ‘new ‘ but in actual fact has always been part of me. The new part is sharing it.

This is an aspect of Gaia’s Light that’s all about embracing the ‘now’. It’s about creating a space for something more pressing, more urgent – than the linear timelines of the past. This ‘menu item on a website’ – this random open tab on a browser – in this multiverse of possibilities – is my commitment. A place to commit my channelled writings from the past – but has been hidden in a suitcase – quite literally for the past thirty years. I have never shared any of it – yet I have carried it with me from Scotland, then to England and then all over Australia. It came with me when I went back to the UK for a couple of years (which turned into nearly five), and then back here to Australia again. Why have I carried these scraps of paper? They’re so old they were created on a typewriter – my little olive colour Olivette … I can only assume they felt important. At least to me – and my journey – as a writer. But perhaps they served as a reminder of my role – my purpose. The service I committed myself to when I volunteered to be a part of this experience. This earthly event!

This is a place to commit all my writings – whether channelled by Spirit, entities or beings – or sourced in the Akash. So often I am ‘given’ information. When I’m out with the dog, walking in nature information and creative ideas pour into me. I either record them on my phone or scribble them on bits of paper – and I come back to them – and file them. I’ve realised I am meant to be sharing these messages. They are not meant to be lugged around in a suitcase for thirty years hidden from you. No that was the old paradigm.

I am beginning to ‘remember’ who I truly am and what I came here to do. To help wake others up. To help others as they negotiate a world they are a little scared of.

‘But I don’t want to be one of the crazy nettle-boiling hippies that talk to trees or chant to my chakras,’ you say. I know. I get it – believe me. But I’m here to tell you – there is SO much more to it than chakras. This is what you came here to do. You chose to come to this earth at this time. And you are about to discover you are more powerful and more loved than you could ever know.

I’ve been ‘out there’ as long as I can remember. I just hid it until my late teens ( a bit like some of my writing) and probably a bit like you. I wanted to be fun. I wanted to be normal. I didn’t want to draw attention to myself in ‘that’ way. But truth be told, I actually don’t remember a moment where I wasn’t at least aware there was more to our existence. Don’t get me wrong – I wasn’t someone who ‘saw’ Spirit – I wasn’t ‘gifted’ like that. But I heard information, I had ‘knowings’, I felt things, I sensed things and I had dreams.

Dreams – or just an alternate reality?

I was troubled with nightmares growing up. Horrific dreams where I felt my body vaporise in the flash of a hydrogen bomb – or dreams of being shot by the Nazis – or another one was being shot in the head and I could feel my life force draining away. Such dreams were so real and my body was experiencing the stress response to the point I would scream out in my dream and wake myself up. I would wake with my heart thumping, drenched in sweat. However, from time to time I would have what I called my ‘other’ dreams. Beautiful dreams that seemed to be trying to tell me there was a better world out there.

When I was around 15 I had a dream of being on an old steam train and the colours seemed to be almost in Sepia – the whole dream had a 1950s feel, from the colours, to the setting, to the clothes we were all wearing. I was going through a really tough time – my heart was breaking over the end of a relationship with a boy who was my first big love. I didn’t have a great home life, so when this relationship ended without warning I just felt so grief-stricken and alone. In my dream, he was sitting opposite me in the train carriage – wearing a cap, jacket and waistcoat, and tweed trousers. When he saw how sad I was, he leaned forward and tried to console me. ‘You’re not alone.’ he said gently. ‘Look I have something to show you.’ Before I could wonder what it was, he produced a huge, brown leather-bound book and he placed it between us across our laps. He opened the first page and I realised it was a photograph album. As he pointed to the pictures, they began to take form and I realised – these were pictures of me. He carried on pointing to each photo and I began turning the pages – all the photos were of me – just doing ordinary – every day things. These were photographs of every moment of my life and they were taken by someone who was close by – but unseen.

‘You are loved more than you know. You are never alone. You are being watched and protected even when you don’t realise it. You are so loved. So cared for. So precious.’

To hear ‘him’ say those words in my dream was one thing (he was a cocky 17 year old at that point in reality – consoling me was the farthest thing from his mind at that point I’m sure), but the unconditional love that flowed from this ‘being’ that took on his form was so real. When I awoke, with a sense of calm, acceptance – I realised instantly – I knew what this book, this photo album really was. It was my first introduction to my Akashic Records.

It would be another two years before I accessed them consciously – through my writing. I will share with you those writings of the past – and I will share experiences in the Akash, writings, messages and channelled inspiration. The time is now!