The Original Nine: The First Reading

You may be wondering what type of information to expect when you consult a practitioner for a Reading or a Healing in the Akashic Records. I have outlined what happens on a practical/process level on ‘Sessions – Akashic Readings here on the site but I thought I would share the information that came through for me in my own first paid for Reading to give you some insight.

The strange thing was when my practitioner accessed my Akashic Records that winter morning, I wasn’t the least bit surprised by what she found. It confirmed a ‘knowing’ I’d had but had been too self-conscious and full of doubt to embrace fully. There were also little details she gave me that I’d been given before. The fact this information was brought up again seemed was validating (because you know how much our Ego/brain loves that)- and helped to complete the fragment of a story or picture – so it could make sense – in the now.

That said – you may not have that experience. When we consult the Akashic Records, we are looking at an energetic imprint of pure Source. Truth. All that is. It is not a fortune telling session – (though possible timelines and pathways of possibilities can definitely come into a Reading), neither is it about ‘intuition’. This is your soul truth – and sometimes – we don’t recognise that soul truth. It is very difficult for some (depending where they are on their journey) to think of the over-soul – or lives beyond this life – and what the bigger picture is.

I remember feeling a strong compulsion – even though I had never met the lady who was going to do my Reading – to take her some fresh oranges from our trees (this was intended as a gift, not payment). I heard that voice in my ear – the one, if I ignore,  tends to get very loud and insistent. It seemed important – as if she would know what this meant – or that it would trigger a remembrance within her. Indeed she was ready and waiting with the news that we had met before. I ‘knew’ this to be true.

Before the session we sat down to chat about what I information I was looking for.

“There seemed to be something of a karmic nature that requires healing in my female line”. I explained. “There is something connecting me, my mother, my sister and my daughter – a loving connection for sure but there is pain too. I feel it is my ‘job’ to resolve it somehow. I would like to understand what my role is and how I can best carry out that function.”

As we talked she said that she had felt a strong push to ‘show’ me how to access the Records myself. As it turned out – this would be a pivotal decision with ramifications way beyond my own spiritual practice.

I lay on the massage table and soon relaxed into a series of meditations and healings. All of these relaxed me to the point I was deep into the relaxed state that pushed the conscious ‘thinking’ brain into the background. As I followed the voice I surrendered completely to the process. It’s generally quite a lengthy session – so make sure you have a couple of hours to devote to your Reading/healing session.

What came through

“You were a white witch – walking in the light – even back then in a time when the energy was dense. You had long white hair and you were part of a soul group – one of nine witches – the original witches – the ancient ones. These witches came from the Sea. At that time, you ‘saved’ me – you took me under your wing and this is my ‘thanks’ and ‘gift’ for you. You helped me in that life and I have come to help you with this part of your journey by showing you how to enter the Akashic Records. I used curses – but you helped me and you taught me to walk in the light. In that time, you were quiet and kind and you wrote everything down. The stories, the spells, the meanings of symbols, how potions and poultices were made. You recorded it all. Your soul’s purpose is to bring back the ancient magic – you know where it is – and your role is to bring it back so we can access it and use it today.”

As she relayed this information to me after the session – I felt the ‘knowing’. When I was first going through what I call my ‘conscious awakening’ my mentor, a clairvoyant told me she saw me ‘coming back into my body’ I was dressed in white with long white hair – and I was brushing my white dress down as if I was trying to brush off dirt. I was deeply unhappy to be back in a ‘body’ that felt heavy and dense in energy’. I recognised that feeling – a feeling as though I didn’t want to be here – that heavy sludge. I had signed up for a hell of trip back at this time on earth – in an earthly body. Shame is the heaviest vibration on earth – and I knew I had come to work through those denser vibrations … I suddenly realised there was a connection with my mother – I had been told many times she carried a vibration of ‘shame’ too.

My Reader continued.

“These witches have come back with you and are in your life or they have been in your life – most certainly there is a link through the female line – your mother and her mother – your sister and your daughter. Your daughter is interesting as she will have a daughter too. She is going to be born with magic – but it will not be a big deal because you will have written books on the magic of old and the magic that is to come. It will just be accepted.

“Your daughter may have many children in fact – but her daughter will be first – and she will be connected to you – because she is one your energy group/soul group and she was a grandmother to you in the past. Your daughter also has the gift but she will come to her path once she has moved beyond the phase she is in now.”

I have always been a writer – I considered the fact I may have had many lifetime ‘spelling’ or weaving my craft. I have a memory of weaving spells into words and documents in the background on the paper, above the paper and below the paper.

While I had my Reading, I too journeyed into the Akashic Records. My Reader had explained that normally you wouldn’t take a client in to the Records but she felt she was ‘meant to show me’ the process. 

In this – my own first session – I too had been told I was a Record Keeper (which was amazing enough) but in an altogether different  timeline. 

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