Akashic Records

Gaia's Light and the Akashic RecordsSo let’s start with a definition. The word Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning “primary substance”- ‘that out of which all things are formed’. 

The Akasha is the ‘energy’ that makes up everything in the Universe.

The word Akasha itself is in fact from two Tibetan/Indian words – “Aka” which means space or storage place and “Sa” which means sky, hidden or secret. From here we can get to the more simple translation of Akasha which is ‘unseen storage space – in the sky’ – rather like the ‘Cloud’ when accessing files on the internet (though with much better security ).

The Akashic Records, or the Akashic Library, as it is sometimes called, is that dimension of consciousness that contains an ‘energetic’ imprint – a vibrational record – of every soul’s journey. Every thought, every action and every word! It’s all contained in the Library.

Think of the Akashic Records as an eternal record in the Universe of everything that has ever happened, everything that is, and future possibilities. These Records have existed since the beginning of time and these Records hold the imprint for our planet’s journey too.

It may interest you to know that the concept of Akashic Records is referred to in every spiritual tradition, different cultures and different belief systems including the Bible. The Records may have different names, but they are mentioned just the same, for example, Book of Life (in the Bible), the Universal Mind or Word of God.

The energy contained in the Records is of pure,  unconditional love, the highest intentions – pure love and light. The energy contained in the Akasha is powerful and should be treated with respect – but there is nothing to fear because the energies here are benevolent and gentle. The Akashic Records do not judge. We are always ‘welcomed home’, completely safe and loved on entering the Library – so long as we enter with pure intent for the Highest Good.

Healing occurs when we access specific information in our soul’s records as they relate to our current challenge or situation. We access the ‘source’ and bring back the wisdom so that we can live our best life – to our soul’s highest potential. Accessing the wisdom within the Records allows us to heal (or begin work) on everything from lifetime patterns to relationship or career challenges.

Sometimes, with ‘stuck patterns’, healing techniques such as Reiki, or tools such as crystals and sage smudging, may be required to shift and cleanse. Permission would be sought from you beforehand.

The feeling of release can be quite overwhelming and incredible so it is perfectly normal and healing to release emotions as they arise.

Just remember you are in a safe and sacred space and you are surrounded with unconditional love.