Getting into the Spirit… of Tasmania

Hello beautiful souls. How are you all? I’ve been holding off sharing the excitement until certain ‘i’s’ were dotted and all the ‘t’s’ were crossed, but I can now announce Gaia’s Light is relocating to Tasmania. YAY!!! FINALLY!!! We have found the home that ticked all the boxes – the home I’ve been actively manifesting for what feels like forever.

If you read my last blog post “New Moon in Taurus and Chariots of Jupiter’, you’ll know ‘home and stability’ were front and centre for those of us manifesting change in our lives so this was a great time to make things happen.

Gaia’s Light will be set on a 5-acre rural property in Sandford – just across the water from Hobart (but 25km by road). We are surrounded by nature, greenery, and beaches within 6 minutes on all sides – so I’m sure you’ll agree – a special, safe space to come for some relaxing healing and spiritual work.

There’s so much to organise, and to be honest it felt easier to emigrate from one side of the world to the other in some ways, but I won’t bore you all with that right now.

We sail from Geelong, Melbourne to our new chapter in Tasmania on 11th July on the Spirit of Tasmania. There’s definitely something of a ‘calling’ going on here and, according to the cards, a karmic journey, so I can’t wait to see what unfolds.

Needless to say, one-to-one sessions and bookings for in-person sessions are closed right now, but I am still offering remote Tarot and Akashic Readings as well as Distance Reiki. I’ll add a link below to make that easier for you. Look out for special ‘celebratory’ promotions in August when I’ll be opening the doors again in our fabulous new location.

Remote readings available

Book your remote sessions here

We are heading to Tassie in July 2023. Until then I am offering a scaled down, remote service across Tarot, Akashic Readings and Reiki. Simply send me an email by following the link below.

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