Hello and Welcome to Gaia’s Light. My name is Evie and I am (amongst other things) an accredited Reiki practitioner and a certificated Akashic Records practitioner with a background in energy healing as an eclectic/hereditary practitioner. To assist in the mass awakening predicted decades ago, I founded Gaia’s Light Spiritual Consultancy, where clients typically come not just for healing, but insights and a sprinkle of magick.

I am also the founder of a new healing modality – Write from Source ©. I have notched up over 30 years as a professional writer, including lead copywriter roles for some of the world’s leading brands. I was the Deputy Editor and in-house writer for Natural Health & Wellbeing Magazine, a UK-based, international title aimed at demystifying complementary therapies and spirituality. Since then I have written for a range of household magazines in Australia and the UK including Good Health & Wellbeing.

In 2021, I wrote Peter William’s book,  Searching Spirit, and have been a professional member of the Australian Society of Authors for a number of years.

In the beginning…

Gaia’s Light was first launched at Lorikeet Lane in Fountaindale on the  NSW Central Coast, but in July 2023, we set sail on the Spirit of Tasmania and have found ourselves in the magical area of Sandford,  Tasmania (just across the water from Hobart).

Our family consists of 3  grown up offspring, a rescue dog Angus, (well trained but loves visitors – sometimes a little too much), a feisty cockatiel named Fergie (originally Fergus). and my husband who I refer to as Mr P.   We also had 4 hilarious hens and an assortment of ducks and reptiles in Lorikeet Lane, as I am also a passionate wildlife carer, rehabilitator and protector.

If you visit for a session you are very unlikely to bump into Mr P, however, you are most certainly likely to be greeted by Angus, Fergie and ‘new’ Chickens – and myself of course. If you are not a fan of affectionate ‘needy’ hounds, then do let me know before you arrive for a session so I can ensure you arrive and leave without so much as a sniff – but most of my clients seem to enjoy the welcome committee.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I just wanted to say, I bring you Gaia’s Light from the heart – a place of authenticity. When you meet me for a session, wherever that may be, know that I reach out to you as someone who has done the work. I mean really done the messy, dark work over many years. Dark nights of the soul that turned into weeks, and times when I experienced pain that was almost too hard to bear (almost). It takes time (and courage) to heal from trauma, grief or pain, but rest assured here at Gaia’s Light you will find understanding and compassion. Because in these pages and in my sessions you will benefit from all the things that got me to where I am today – believe me, I know just how far you can go with your healing! 

Alternatively, if you are simply here to drink tea, soak up the gentle energies of Reiki and a chance to be serenaded by the Rosellas, Magpies and ‘Turbo Chooks’ as you drift of into a relaxing, healing sleep – I can’t think of a better way to spend an hour or so either. I am sure you will find the energies on the property just as healing as I do.

I do hope we meet in person either here or at one of my workshops in the future, but in the meantime, ‘namaste’ and Blessed Be my friend <3

Evie x

Heal. Grow. Transform.