A note on Reiki Symbols

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As a Reiki Practitioner, I hold the symbols passed down to me in high regard. To me, they are sacred and should only be passed on orally from Master to the student to unlock the flow of the Life Force Energy. This was the tradition and it’s one I believe should be upheld.

I visualise them as spiritual keys used to unlock the gateway to a higher source and this instantly readies me for the healing work ahead. You will see I mention ‘intent or intention’ often with regards to Reiki. The use of these symbols signals your intent to be a channel for the highest good.

With this in mind, you will never see the Reiki symbols illustrated on this website and I have to confess it does make me uncomfortable when I see Reiki practitioners or Masters publishing them online. These symbols were never intended to be distributed in this way.

Often people will say that the internet has made these symbols accessible to everyone, but the ritual and symbolism behind these sacred ceremonies are lost and I feel it shows a lack of respect for the old ways but hey that’s just me. You must use your own judgement on such matters.

I say this not out of spiritual snobbery – I believe Reiki is for everyone – but why not benefit from the whole beautiful experience by becoming attuned to Reiki energy yourself – through a Master.

What I will explain is that in the Reiki II attunement the Reiki Master will bestow a series of symbols on the student at a time when the student is ready.

If you are receiving Reiki for the first time, you may be aware that your practitioner is meditating either before or during your treatment. More often than not they will be meditating on these symbols and receiving direction and information through these meditations. Simply allow yourself to go ‘with the flow’ and relax while your practitioner works within the Reiki energies.

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