Word Doula

You may be wondering what on earth is a word doula? A doula (pronounced doola) is a trained companion who supports another individual through a significant, transformational experience, such as childbirth. The doula’s goal, and role, is to help the ‘client’ feel safe and comfortable as they give birth, often complementing the role of the healthcare professionals who provide the client’s medical care.

Writing your story can feel a little like giving birth. Your story, the words and emotions you attach to the experiences come from deep within. Acknowledging and sharing your truth is a deeply personal and profound experience. Your story is part of you and you feel protective of it.

As a transformational writer, practitioner and mentor, I support you in that writing process. Whether you are in interested in Memoir Writing (where the transformational journey is at its very heart), or more tentative expressive forms of writing such as freeform, journaling or narrative therapy I am here to support you.

I also help you open up as a channel for automatic writing, teaching you how to get out of your own way and allow your Higher Self, Spirit or Guidance from the Akashic Records to step forward and flow through your pen and onto the page.

Allow me to be your word doula as you connect, heal and transform through the magic of telling your story.

Bernadette Popic
Bernadette PopicCentral Coast, NSW
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I can't recommend Evie McRae from Gaia's Light Spiritual Consultancy highly enough for her amazing workshop "Magical Memoir". I was lucky enough to attend Evie's workshop in January 2020 and all I can say is WOW! I received so much information, clarity and direction in this class! Even if you never put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, Evie takes you on a healing journey ...
Faye Saxby
Faye SaxbyMailtand, NSW
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A truly magical day for me. So blessed to have attended both your workshops Evie. (Akashic and Magical Memoir). So much great information to absorb and process. Lovely energy from you and the other participants. Just what I needed at the perfect time.