Safe Space – in the COVID age

Here at Gaia’s Light, we took the time out enforced upon us by COVID to completely renovate the space. The old carpet has been ripped up, floorboards sanded and stained (boy that was hard work I can tell you) and the walls and ceiling were lime washed too. The energy in here is just gorgeous and I smile every time I walk into the studio now.

In between giving Gaia’s Light a boost of fresh new energy, I have juggled my existing commitments online and via Distance sessions. I really did miss having my dedicated work zone but I managed to create a healing space in my living area  (luckily I only share my space with one human so it wasn’t an issue) and a writing nook outdoors, surrounded by nature.

I always ‘feel into’ the energy and have to work in an atmosphere conducive to the task in hand – whether that’s in the mental space or the healing space. I guess I have that innate sense of what ‘feels right’ on a vibration/frequency level.

I have enjoyed the online sessions and distance work – and I’ve loved writing outdoors – so I will continue to offer these sessions as before – but from Monday morning (6th July 2020) I will also open up my studio again for face-to-face.

We kick things off with the gorgeous healing energies of Reiki (and whatever else pops up) so I can’t wait. This healing follows an Akashic Records Reading and Healing session so it should be interesting to see what comes up for clearing.

It seems to be all about clearing at the moment. The collective is clearing through some serious sh&t and that’s before we even get to the moon energies and Retrograde that’s swirling around right now (until July 12th). Boy it’s crazy out there. Which highlights the importance of creating that space where you feel safe and supported – anchored even!

Talking of Safe Space, in the interests of those concerned about COVID (you may be concerned about elderly relatives or the vulnerable in our community), I am delighted to say Gaia’s Light is a verified COVID safe business – so if you prefer that one-to-one session – rest assured you (and your loved ones) will be in safe hands when you visit Gaia’s Light.

What does it mean to be a verified COVID safe business?

It means we have a COVID safety plan in place which makes provision for hygiene and safety, physical distancing, and recording your contacts details.

To be honest, all of this is a matter of course in the day-to-day running of Gaia’s Light anyway – with a few added levels of protection but it never hurts to over-communicate in the interests of public safety.

  • Hand sanitisers and medically compliant face masks are available on arrival
  • Cleaning of all surfaces before and after each client (including washroom/doorknobs/light switches.
  • Changing of any linen used between clients (we use disposable covers and use a sanitising spray on our treatment table and treatment chair).
  • Sage/Incense is also used to clear the energy and space between clients.
  • During a healing session I do not place my hands on your body (I work with the energies around your body – but this is no different to how I always work). This will not affect your treatment at all.

Perhaps if you have been off-colour, off-kilter or out of sorts yourself, clearing space/ creating safe space / or actual space clearing with sage may be just what you need too. It really does make such a difference to how you feel and how you think. 

I hope you’re all holding up well beautiful souls. Yes there are many changes around us – and it is our responsibility to do our utmost to keep one another safe. But with all these sanitised surfaces, distancing measures and face masks – let’s not forget how to stay connected. We don’t have to sanitise and sterilise our human relationships and bonds. Create safe spaces sure – but always hold the warmth of a loving light within and without for those who need it most.

Love & Light to all <3 

If you would like further information about verified COVID Safe businesses, please contact the NSW Government –


You can Request a copy of our Safety Plan here

Safe Space

When you visit Gaia's Light you are ALWAYS entering a clean space & a safe space

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