Solar Eclipse in Aries –

Aries energy

Hello beautiful souls. Just a little reminder we have a solar eclipse happening in the cardinal sign of Aries. I tend to consider eclipses as a wakeup call from the Universe. Like a full moon – but tenfold – so much more potent. I love the calm, quiet energy that settles around us as the eclipse is in progress – but as you would expect – a solar eclipse in Aries is anything but calm and quiet.  Aries is the first zodiac sign – so it’s an assertive instigator and initiator – the energy is full of passion, and boldness. Yes, it’s a tad direct.

Some of you may need this in your life – and it can be a refreshing change to have some real direction – but some may find it on the ‘aggressive’ side, so hang in there.

The build up to this solar eclipse has felt like being in the presence of a great drama queen – yes ‘dramatic’ for want of a better word. In the workplace some of you may have been feeling the tensions of power struggles – or perhaps in relationships, old wounds have bubbled to the surface again. Tempers burst forth where restraint normally prevails.

It may be timely to ask yourself ‘are my own needs are being met?’ I am chuckling as I write this because I realise I am writing my latest blog post that illustrates this point perfectly.

Eclipses bring polarities of light and dark to the foreground so anything can happen basically. Be prepared for aspects of your shadow self to make itself know. Equally it’s an exciting time of fresh starts, new friendships and new directions. Just take care though. Yes, we have the passion of the Aries energy to tap into, but you might just want to make sure you have the space or appetite first. You may want to re-assess a few of your existing priorities, possibly even your current relationships. New homes perhaps (oh yes please Universe…lol), new career paths or new projects are all there but I’m sensing there is a need for measure – or there may be burn out, perhaps even explosions.  I told you it was ‘drama queen’ energy.

However, if you practice self-care and be aware of your inner and outer world you will have the energies required to traverse this particular solar eclipse. Take time to reflect on whether you feel aligned to the direction you wish to travel. Are you feeling called in a direction you have ignored?

This is a great time to reflect on what you want, a perfect time to focus on healing and the ideal time to just gather your wits about you before charging ahead. Hold on tight beautiful souls.

If you’d like to meditate on what message the Solar Eclipse in Aries has for you, sit with The Emperor Card in the Major Arcana. Journal, draw or reflect on what comes through for you.

Sending you love and light.

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