Angus - new age pupThis my own little puppy dog Angus. He is a rescue pup and we brought him to his forever home at the end of October. By just 12 weeks old he had already had 2 Reiki treatments. Being a Kelpie cross he is absolutely hyper and extremely intelligent. Just like toddlers, puppy dogs don’t know when they are overtired and this overtiredness can lead to naughtiness (sound familiar?). Now when I sense Angus is getting a little anxious or he is just over stimulated, I put on some ‘Relax my Dog’ on Spotify and settle him on my lap for some Reiki. Animals are extremely receptive to Reiki so it’s a wonderful thing to give them when they are young or when they are new to your home.

Evie McRae, Central Coast, Australia


I had an amazing experience with Evie, having never had Reiki done before she was there to guide me along the session and explain exactly what was going on and what I could expect to experience after the session had ended.  I would definitely go back to see Evie!
Toni Keddie. Sydney, Australia


reiki outside

Amazing experience, thanks so
much Evie Magic!
Nadia Savage, Sydney, Australia






I met Evie McRae a few years ago when she was back in the UK on a 2-year secondment. Immediately I was struck by Evie’s warm and open personality, she was relaxed, professional and confident.  Evie has high personal integrity and empathy with others. She has a caring nature with compassion for people and the wider community. She is a great listener and has allowed me to share my dreams, vision and passion. She is encouraging without judgement and speaks the truth with kindness. It is a privilege to count on Evie as a friend.
Jeanette Field, London, UK


I have known Evie for nearly 20 years, first as a colleague and then as a trusted friend. Evie was my deputy editor and we worked together closely on the launch of ‘Natural Health & Well-being’ magazine. Her input was invaluable due to her knowledge of and a strong belief in natural health remedies and therapies. Once the magazine was established, Evie gave me a Reiki treatment and I was most impressed by her professionalism and expertise. I felt totally relaxed in her presence and was astonished at the heat generated from areas of past injuries – even without direct contact. Injuries I might add that Evie knew nothing of before the treatment. I have no doubt that Evie’s caring, open and generous nature and her natural intuition stand her in good stead as a natural health & Reiki practitioner.
Jill Keene, Essex, UK


animal reiki

Evie thank you so much for looking after my cat Tizer. Through Reiki, you were able to locate the source of his pain and provide him with some relief. As you suggested he had an infection so I took him to the vet who confirmed it and gave him an antibiotic injection. He is feeling much better and I’m sure it’s down to a combination of his special Reiki treatments and his medication. It’s good to know my dear cat was in such safe and caring hands.
Carol, Grateful cat owner, London, UK