Blessings of a Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

blood moon

Here in Australia, we are about to be treated to a powerful and beautiful sight – a blood moon lunar eclipse.

Most people I have spoken to are apprehensive about this event, perhaps for good reason. The moon in Taurus sits next to Uranus – a planet with big energy full of shocks and upheaval. If you are sensitive to these energies, everything may feel a bit on the chaotic and CRAZY side. It’s a time of significant change and while it’s good to have change in our life – sometimes we’d be more comfortable staying just as we are – thank you very much. It’s the unpredictability people don’t like – but if you grasp the reigns and strap yourself in for the ride, you are going to find the encouragement and strength you need to make significant changes in your life. There’s no doubt about it, total lunar eclipses can feel energetically and emotionally intense – but you can do this!

Helping you out with some balance, the Taurean energy is peaceful, calming and grounding. If you are feeling frazzled or fearful of the future right now, I urge you to tune in to the Taurean energy by connecting with nature. Go outside. Stand barefoot in the earth, on the grass or in water. Connect to Mother Earth. Allow her energies to calm you, to soften you. Breathe deeply, hold and then release. With that outward breath release the fears you have been holding. The last six months of your life may have been chaotic and perhaps filled with the pain of change but now is the time to plant your feet on Mother Earth and visualise roots reaching down from the soles of your feet, deep down into the Great Mother. She will hold you still, grounded and centred.

Taurus is about our sense of ‘Home’ and ‘Stability’, and I am reminded of my January Reading. ‘Home’ and ‘Family connections’ were predicted to be of huge importance this year. This was to be a year where we would be reminded of what’s important – family connections and a safe sanctuary. I can say from the bottom of my heart this has been the case, so it feels as though this Blood Moon Lunar eclipse is here to transmute some of the pain that’s occurred these last few months.

As women we are divinely connected to the moon and all her phases and cycles. The Full Moon is all about endings and completion – a time of release and ‘shedding’, while the New Moon is fertile with new beginnings. It’s all the more symbolic then, that our time here at Lorikeet Lane is coming to an end this week.

This time next week we will be in a new location. We are renting a place just a minute from the beach and we will be using that time to reflect, heal and plan the next chapter of our lives. It is a time of huge change for us all – and I can already feel the promise of something more powerful.  But first, we must honour the endings.

I hope you all enjoy the wonderful energies and find the courage to end something that no longer serves your highest good whether it’s a habit, a relationship or a long-held ideal about what your life should look like. The Taurean energy will hold you like the Great Mother and provide the safe space and stability you need to bring that chapter of your life to a close – knowing the New Moon, pregnant with possibilities and new beginnings is only 2 weeks away.

Through it all remember, Love is all there is – and you are loved more than you know. Love and Blessing to you all as you step onto the path of transformation. Embrace the potent magic of the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse before you step through the portal of new beginnings.

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