Now to Cleanse and Consecrate my Crystal Ball

how to cleanse and consecrate your crystal ball

My husband (Mr P) and I were standing in the kitchen on Boxing Day going through a to do list mostly relating to recipes for leftover food when I said,

‘Oh I must go out and dig a hole so I can cleanse and consecrate my crystal ball.”

He looked at me with an expression of, I don’t know what you just said but I’m too scared to ask you to repeat.

I bet no-one’s ever said that to you before” I laughed. Mr P is a good Catholic with a logical, analytical brain you see. Years ago I would never have uttered such a thing, but since Mr P actually bought me the crystal ball he only had himself to blame.

It’s the 26th December, 2019 and in Australia that means a New Moon at oh – around 4.13pm.

If you follow my blogs on a regular basis, you’ll know I favour the ‘bathe your crystals under a full moon’ technique to cleanse and release any negative energies still lurking from my client sessions. I have crystals that I put to work and so they need to be looked after. I have others that are for my own personal use, along with some high vibrational crystals or the ones I call the record keepers that rarely need to be cleansed in full moonlight.

Given I received my Crystal Ball at Christmas – the day before a New Moon – it was too good an opportunity to miss.

Now in case you are not aware, the magical properties of a New Moon are different from a Full Moon. You see the Full Moon is the glamorous sister – the one that gets all the attention. She is all about the completion of a cycle, the end of something – the ‘ta-da’.  Whereas the New Moon – well – stand back- if you can get to grips with this shadowy sorceress – this is just the beginning!  

I digress – back to the task in hand. Rituals are my thing but on this occasion I felt an inner knowing … actually it felt like I was connected to an altogether stronger level of ‘knowing’. Before I go much further, I have to explain, this Crystal Ball feels like she actually alive, the vibration is so strong and she is connecting and speaking with me already. The bonding is too strong to push down or ignore. Even Mr P approached ‘Her’ with a certain degree of reverence and he was the one who brought ‘her’ home. I say ‘her’ – she feels more like a portal or a group … I can’t say more than that for now but suffice to say, I feel I am receiving channeling or some form of direction regarding how she wants to be treated so I am going to go with that.

If you are here for some practical cleansing guidance though, (perhaps you have never cleansed a crystal before), here are a few hints that can be applied to crystals or any other tools you work with:

  • Before you use your Crystal (Ball) for the first time, you should cleanse it. Correction if you are serious about working and connecting with your Crystal (Ball) you must cleanse and consecrate. I treat my assortment of crystals and Tarot cards/Divination tools the same way.
  • Cleansing can be done simply by holding the crystal under running water (obviously don’t do this with Tarot cards…lol) and visualising all that stagnant, sticky, lurking, dense/negative energy being washed away, draining with the water ( a ritual/spiritual shower if you will).
  • You can also cleanse your crystal ball/divination tool by burying it in earth for a few hours, or sprinkling it with collected rain/river/sea water, or passing it through incense smoke.  Again, the key is to visualise that lurking energy being drawn away from your Crystal Ball and dissipating in the smoke or earth or water.

I opted for burying my crystal ball in the earth along with a few of my other ‘moon-specific’ crystals. I felt draw to prepare the ground first and used incense standing as sentinels around the hole I’d dug – cleansing the space beforehand. (NB: If you live in drought stricken/bush fire zone in Australia as I do, then be sensible – you know what I’m saying.). When I was completely satisfied the area had been cleansed I carried my precious cargo out and laid her ceremoniously in the ground where she could soak up the energies of the New Moon.


I then felt guided to visualise a ball of white light above and below me and to the front and back – as well as in my Heart Chakra. The white light circled around me and then flowed into me, through me – and I then directed this light towards and around the Crystal Ball – cleansing and purifying it of negative energies.

As the light flows through the Crystal Ball you could say something like:

“I cleanse and purify this Crystal Ball, removing from it any negativity which may lie within!”

Continue to visualise the white light until the Crystal feels clean. You will ‘feel’ it.

Now if all that sounds too much for you or doesn’t sit right – the thing to remember here is it actually doesn’t matter what ritual you decide to use – it’s all about the intention. Just remember your intention is to cleanse the ball so you can programme it and use it for your own work. I just felt ‘directed’ to go a bit overboard on this occasion.

I ended up leaving my Crystal Ball out until sunrise which is fine because it was covered in the earth – but if you do this routinely do take care. Some crystals don’t take kindly to being left out in the sunlight after a moon bath.

To bless and consecrate your Crystal Ball again focus upon the ball of white light either above and below you or within your Heart Chakra. Allow the light to flow down through your arms and through your hands, into the crystal. Visualise the energy flowing through the crystal. You could say something like: “I bless and consecrate this Crystal Ball for my use!” I actually added a few words about honouring the ancient line of mothers and grandmothers as I work with all aspects of the Goddess – it was just what I personally felt compelled to do. 

I had a very personal experience consecrating with and connecting with my Crystal Ball and if you’re interested in how that went down, I’ll tell you more about that in another post.


If you’ve followed these steps (or improvised) your Crystal Ball is now attuned to the energy of the Moon.  During the Full Moon you can pop your Crystal Ball outside just for a few hours so it gets a much needed recharge. If you miss the Full Moon or you’re just not feeling it that particular night, don’t worry, the energies are still pretty potent the day before and at least a day afterwards so you haven’t missed your opportunity. Remember the gracious, magical moon always gives us the chance to begin again.

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