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Chakra Balance/Alignment – 60-minute session



There are many things that can slow or block any one of the Chakras. These can be deep-rooted traumas or fairly recent upsets. The best way to explain a blocked Chakra is when you ‘close something down’ or ‘bury’ an emotion or a trauma. For example, if you are constantly having to hold your tongue and not speak your truth, more often than not, your throat chakra – responsible for communication – will become blocked.  You may experience this as sore throats or perhaps you feel your mouth dry up when you want to speak clearly about something that’s important to you. If it’s an emotional issue you may find your heart chakra blocked. If you are closing something down on an emotional level, it’s happening on an energetic level too. It’s important to address the blocks we carry within us before they lead to physical distress or even illness. This is, of course, a simplistic explanation to help you understand the importance and power of balanced and aligned chakras.

All those who book in for a Chakra session will receive a Free Download Voucher for the 7 Chakra Meditations in the online store so you can listen to these affirmations as and when you need them.

Duration of treatment – 1 hour


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