The Welcome

If you are interested in an Akashic Journey session, I thought I’d share what came through for me in one of my first Journeys into the Akash. 

Tully and I ‘arrived’ at what I knew to be the Great Hall. It looked nothing like a library. Instead, the huge building that loomed high above us looked Middle- Eastern with turrets and spires. It was such an awe-inspiring,  ornate building that we fell ‘silent’. Our constant telepathy and waves of information suspended in wonder. Huge doors towered high above us making us feel tiny by comparison. I wasn’t sure what followed next but in the distance, I heard the words ‘The Akashic Records are now open’. Moments passed as we waited in the quietness until the doors swung open. I rode sedately, though almost statesman-like into a Great Hallway. I was surprised to see so many other souls there – as though we had arrived at Le Musée du Louvre on a Saturday afternoon in the height of summer. Then I realised. These beings – these souls – were coming towards us.   So many people – such waves of love directed towards us. I suddenly felt blissfully happy.

“You’re back,” they called out to us. They seemed to be rejoicing as though they were familiar with us. Knew and loved us in fact. “You’re back, welcome back.” It was such a joyous feeling. Energy flooded through my body with such an uplifting force.

I looked to my right and there was an old lady who was watching me from her chair – she looked like she had been waiting on me for a very long time – but her eyes just followed me – she did not speak. Again, we seemed to communicate telepathically with one another. For an instant, I thought she resembled my mother – the way she might have looked if she had lived long enough to be aged.

“I knew you’d get here – eventually,” her eyes said. I returned my love to her with a smile.

As I turned, I suddenly saw, what I can only describe as a throne – with an old man sitting watching intently as I approached down the Great Hall. He had a long beard – just like the archetypal wizard – (my brain had the decency to wait until after I was out of the Records this time before it interjected with its customary mocking tones and “oh come on …” ). I watched as he rose up and summonsed me closer -closer. I dismounted Tully and walked beside him as we approached. Without warning the old ‘wizard-gatekeeper’ opened his arms wide to embrace me. “Welcome home my child.” I was overwhelmed with joy and happiness to feel such love – such an embrace – such a welcome – I felt all that I had been carrying within my very being – just melt away. It was a moment I will remember – forever. I have never felt such love.  Beyond this journey to the Akash, this would be a painful realisation on one level – but it triggered something within me – something that was forever changed.

 After a few moments, he asked, “Do you want to go in?” 

“Yes. Yes.” I responded with all the excitement of a giddy child realising there were more doors ahead behind the old man’s throne. I felt like the guest of honour as he led me around and pushed open the doors before ushering me in. He walked in beside me on my right-hand side – and Tully walked in with me on my left. I was ready to see the Great Library … But as we walked through the doorway I was not prepared for the sight that met my eyes. Crystals. Everywhere. “I will leave you here so you can discover what it is you wish to discover dear one,” and with that, the old man was gone. If you have ever seen stalagmite’s and stalactites – this is what I saw but in crystal form.  Huge crystals from the ground and coming down from the ceiling – I ‘knew’ that if I touched these crystals they would answer the questions I had. All the information was stored in the crystals. When I touched the crystals and asked my question – the crystal changed colour. Even before I finished my questions I was receiving downloads of information. It just kept coming. The answers were so loud, direct and clear. Anything I asked, the answers kept coming. Pretty soon I felt I was taking on too much information – I didn’t know how to slow it down. As the information flooded in, I had the realisation I was responsible for all the information in the crystals. Somehow I knew how to programme these crystals with data – every type of information you can imagine – I stored it for society’. It was a sacred role. A sacred function I carried out. All information recorded was pure and untainted. I was pure. Somehow I knew how to ‘access’ and ‘store’ information in crystals. And then I heard it. The voice that said – you are the Record Keeper and these are your crystals.’

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