Crystal Cleanse under the Full Moon

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Over the years I have accumulated a fair number of crystals. Some are personal just to me, some are ornaments, while others I use for healing.  When you put your crystals to work soaking up the negative vibrational energy of others, it’s important to take care of them and cleanse them to keep them in their optimum vibrational state.

There are many ways to cleanse your crystals (and by cleansing I mean on an energy level). I love the ritual of bathing my crystals in the moonlight. Even as I write this sentence I can’t help but smile. It’s not the sort of thing you say every day – to any old person – but there it is – I bathe my crystals in the moonlight.

Whether you’re coming from a spiritual or scientific perspective, there’s no denying the effect the moon has on us as human beings.

I know myself, the Full Moon stirs my emotions so I have learned to treat the full moon with the respect she deserves. The moon’s energies can be a positive experience, though my only word of warning is the full moon’s energies intensifies everything.

As I write this I am watching the Full Moon rise in front of my window. This full moon is in Capricorn and has been called many things depending on your traditions and where you live in the world. Here in Australia the July Full Moon is the Wolf Moon, Old Moon or Ice Moon.

Whatever you call it – this one is as powerful as a full moon can be.  It heralds a wave of intense energy and transformation so I wanted to take advantage of the strong energies.

The ritual

gaia, eviemcrae, reiki, gaia's light

You can make up your own ritual – something you identify with, but if you need some inspiration you can copy mine.

I like to include all the elements where possible, but again if you have to improvise that’s fine.

Before you lay your crystals out to bathe under the light of the full moon, gently wash them in water. In the sink at home is fine but if you do happen to live near the ocean or a creek then why not go out into nature. If you are at home and you really want to make this into a grounding ritual, why not play some meditate music while you do this and think of the things you wish to release with this full moon.

Leave your crystal to dry, or gently dry them off. I personally like to place them in the earth to ground them so I fill a bowl up with earth from my garden and place the crystals in there.

The ideal time to put your crystals out into the moonlight is just after sunset.

I like to watch as the moon rises and to stand there soaking up the energies myself. If nothing else, you are giving yourself a few moments to commune with nature in all her magical beauty.

Leave the crystals overnight and bring them in the next morning. It’s perfectly fine to let them charge up in the sunlight but don’t leave them too long as some crystals can fade.

Charging your crystals

Don’t allow anyone else to handle your crystals – you want to charge them with your energy. It’s now time to charge them with your intentions.  Since I use Reiki in healing I charge my crystals with Reiki to intensify their healing properties. At times I will charge them with other intentions – it’s really your choice.

I then close the ceremony by asking that the crystals work with me for the highest good, and I thank the Goddess Gia for giving the gifts she bestows on us all.

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