Are you a Practitioner in NSW? Not sure whether you should be working?

Should you stay open?

Gaia’s Light made the decision to be ‘available’ for whoever needs support, however, all sessions (where possible) have been moved online. All Energy healing modalities (Reiki/Akashic/Colour/Readings etc) can still be conducted via ‘distance/absent’ healing. If you have never tried this form of healing now is a great time to experience it for yourself.

I appreciate everyone has a decision to make with regard to their healing practice – and/or whether they can attend a Reiki treatment session themselves. To provide clarity on the matter here is a note from one of my membership organisations, Reiki Australia.

In Australia we have Government regulations for different Health care providers/practitioners. It is useful for us to know what category and therefore what regulations apply to professional Reiki Practitioners.

  1. AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) – registered providers e.g. Doctors and Nurses, 14 categories of Health professionals.
  • Allied Health Professions – comprise 21 health professions e.g. Physiotherapists and Psychologists. Some are AHPRA registered, some are self-regulating (e.g. Social Workers).
  • Unregistered providers/practitioners/health care workers.

Reiki professionals sit in category 3, unregistered provider/practitioner/health care worker, and are all required to abide by the National Code of Conduct as implemented in each state/territory.

What this means for Reiki professionals:

Reiki practitioners do not fit into either of the categories that are permitted to continue seeing clients (i.e. AHPRA registered or Allied Health Practitioners), so hands-on, or in-person Reiki treatments are not permitted during Stage 3 Restrictions.

If you have received Reiki training to Second degree/Level 2 or Okuden you can consider offering distant Reiki treatments.

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