Animal magic – Reiki for your fur babies

If like me you are besotted with all creatures great and small, you will naturally be a stressed out earth mamma if your family pet is under the weather.

The great news is Reiki can help our furry friends. In fact, the procedure for treating animals is not so different to that for humans, although, as they cannot verbally communicate, you will need to be guided more by your intuition and observation, which includes being guided by the animal itself. Animals organs are in much the same position as ours, so you should try to cover all the main ones. A good technique is to start with your hands behind the animal’s ears, as this seems to have a calming effect. Different animals require different techniques according to size: a hamster can be cupped in your hands, fish can be treated by placing your hands on the fish tank, and animals you would prefer not to touch can be treated using the distance healing method.

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