Last day of winter


Thank you so much for your, love and support over the last 46 days. Thank you for the healing, prayers and thoughts for my daughter and Eric’s family. I want to thank you also for your patience as I had to re-schedule several sessions.

Over the last week or so I have managed to conduct a few Akashic Records Readings and Healing sessions. There is always something in those connections for the Practitioner and my last session was with a lady who is training as a Death Doula after a lifetime of caring for others. Such a sacred role to be a midwife, delivering souls back to God, Our Great Mother – to Source.  This lady had first contacted me a year ago for information about Akashic work – and yet Divine timing orchestrated our session was booked in for July … and then re-scheduled.

I personally have found the sacred traditions, rituals and quiet connections with family, friends and those who know a little about loss, to be deeply healing as I walk this path alongside my daughter. The sacred space of the Akashic Records and my work (and practice) as a writer have also helped the healing process – it’s always been the way for me and it’s what I aim to share with others.

Today as I look out across the property, I see the first blossoms appearing on the fruit trees, the birds and ducks are raucous, and the earth is alive with lizards scuttling around, warmed by the last rays of winter sun. Tomorrow marks the first day of Spring. A time of hope. It has been a hard winter, but in amongst the painful darkness – there has been so much connection, learning, and love. This is life – and this is the greatest gift of all.

We all have a sacred role to play, and each of us is loved. It can be hard to remember. Even harder to believe, when your heart is shattered into a million shards. You are loved. Even when you do not feel like going on, there will be someone beside you, or an unseen loving force ‘willing you to go on’ – breathing for you when you don’t want to. No matter how alone you feel, no matter how dark the night, the light and warmth of Spring will come and find you once more.

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