Embracing connection

If you’re still here with me at Gaia’s Light, a deep and humble thank you. I feel I have been away on a deep sacred journey into the raw abyss, never knowing when I would return, yet ‘knowing’ I needed to ‘go there’ none-the-less. We are all still figuring out the road ahead, and many life-changing decisions still must be made.

This year has brought me back into the orbit of grief – on so many levels I can’t ignore – but I am here, renewed by the love and connection to family, friends and strangers – all who have held and embraced us over these last few months.

It’s fascinating to me that our personal worlds are always mirrored in the collective – and vice versa.

I know many have been mourning their own losses and also for some in the collective, the loss of the British Queen. The death of Queen Elizabeth has ‘connected’ people across generations and countries, whether that connection has been a shared love, grief, or sense of outrage (something I’ll write about later) – people have felt connected. The sound of the bagpipes playing ‘connected’ me back to home – even though the pomp, ceremony and pageantry of monarchy are a world removed from my Scottish roots. There was still something in that state funeral that ‘connected’ me to my sense of ‘home’.

That ability to recognise, and ‘allow ourselves’ those moments of connections – even in something that is far removed from our reality could be (without being preachy) a moment of learning for us all. I suppose this is the gift of the moment – being able to find ‘something’ out of any given situation – instead of rejection and further ‘disconnect’.

It is my hope, that if you find yourself facing a loss, whether it’s a loved one, a pet, or your sense of self and the life you had envisioned, you will know you can turn to me for that connection – to help hold the light and walk with you for a little while.  When we are brought to our knees and everything is stripped away, we see with clarity that ‘love is all there is’. That moment of clarity, while painful, is freeing – and absolute.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world. It has been an indescribable experience for me -to be SO far away from family and friends that I love so much – and yet I have felt them move around me, I felt close to them and loved by them. It is evidence we are all truly connected to Source in this Great Universe – and if you allow your perception to move beyond the thoughts in your mind, your physical body, and your physical place – you will find your connection.

In the meantime, no matter where you are, sending you love and light through those etheric realms.  ‘Always’.

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