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The reading for New Year 2022 didn’t pull any punches – it really got to the nitty-gritty this one. The good news though … the age of peace and love is really on the way. We just have to make sure we understood what 2021 was all about first and then negotiate a challenging situation at the start of the year.

Before I do a reading like this, I gather pieces, crystals, rocks, feathers, candles, anything I feel called to bring into the sacred space. Normally I do all my readings in my studio but this morning I felt drawn to my new oak kitchen table. As I tuned in to the energies, I kept being told to bring in my tartan to the sacred space. Mr P and I have the piece of tartan used in our handfasting ceremony, tied in the knot that bound us together. I’ve never used it before as I’ve always felt it was a sacred piece of cloth in its own right. BUT when your Guides are trying to tell you something they get most insistent especially when you flat out ignore them which is what I tried to do initially “When will you learn?” they sigh… lol.

I focussed on my queries. ‘What should we have learned from 2021?’ ‘What can we look forward to in 2022?’ and I know my ‘path’ was in my subconscious but instead I asked for whatever message was waiting to come through for us all.

I took some time to just sit with the cards – often messages begin to pour in, in addition, or even as an aside to the cards. The first card that fell from the deck was Queen of Disks. I should just mention, I have had a lifelong connection to the Thoth deck (Mirror of the Soul) as the layers of symbolism just keep giving and the deck seems to possess a magic that reaches down inside of you and pulls from your guts whatever it is you might be trying to hide from. The deck’s not called ‘Mirror of the Soul’ for nothing. Sometimes it can be confronting.

If you’re not familiar with Thoth, The Queen of Disks would be Queen of Pentacles in another deck.

The Queen of Disks is all about stability, the need to earn money – the need for financial independence. The Queen of Disks is down-to-earth, she takes responsibility for many roles in the care for her family. Representing a mature female or feminine presence the Queen of Disks is often about being the caregiver, the nurturer. She also represents the Mother Goddess – the Divine.

One after the other, Disks flew out from the pack, to the point I wondered whether the deck had been shuffled properly – even though I knew it had. I realised the spread looked darker, heavier with the down-to-earth browns of the Disks … I realised this was all about 2021 as well as the start to the New Year. What should we have learned? What do we still have to learn? For me 2021 was about being ‘home’, working hard, keeping my head down as many family things popped up. I focussed on just earning the money, knowing I was lucky to be able to when others couldn’t.

For others in the collective 2021 represented a time of being home and being worried about finances – many were feeling stuck and depressed. The 9 of Swords made an appearance so this was a feeling in the collective – the mind being a powerful tool in shaping the perception of our situation. Mental health was a big issue for so many of us throughout 2021 and the various lockdowns. The 9 of Swords can also suggest you are being your own worst enemy, perhaps worrying about things or dwelling on things that couldn’t be changed.

The Death card reversed made an appearance – which could represent an unwillingness to accept changes thrust upon us. The positioning of the death card seems symbolic though and could portend a physical death in this position and seems to indicate a  ‘situation’ a few months into the year. Traditionally there are no ‘reversed’ cards in a Thoth Reading so it may be a card signaling a deeply transformative moment later this year.

I’m being told ‘two camps’. Taking the pandemic as an example, we can see two camps – each believing they were right – those who refused to accept the changes it meant for us. Those who resisted the transformation. Resisted the narrative. We had no choice and yet… some tried to resist regardless. There is still an energy here of taking sides – being on the ‘right’ side of history so to speak. It feels like this energy increases again at the start of the year. I must say given the positioning in the spread I do wonder what could still be resisted a few months on …it makes me think there is either one more shock/surprise from the Pandemic – or there is something else more personal to us that seemingly comes out of nowhere to stop us in our tracks.

If we take an overarching view – this really sums up the energies 2021 – in one word FEAR of our security. FEAR of our safety, fear we were losing our sovereignty and this is still around early 2022, 

We began to sink into denser energies as we each take sides (I am being shown families/friends sitting in camps or various sides)- this is where the hoped-for peace, love, understanding and compassion makes an appearance. Can we turn things around? There seems to be SO much love by comparison to the previous months.

Thankfully looking ahead, the cards take a turn for the better later in the year. There is a dramatic shift in energy in our immediate future. We are entering a watch and see ‘dream state’. We’re making plans, but not sure if we will be able to keep them. We are dreaming of escape and new jobs – all the while just taking a wait-and-see approach. It feels like the calm before yet another huge storm, so it’s hard to trust the peace right now.

But we want to believe. It’s as though we are suspended in a dream. We have a quiet time coming up right now (January) and some may even feel the warmth of romance once more as we enter a ‘Spring’ feeling – a blossoming (a thawing out or a coming out of hibernation) … an awakening. In fact, it feels like there is a return to innocence just for a moment.

The cards from here on in spoke of Art/Alchemy Peace and Love  – though interestingly the ‘NEW BEGINNING – Virtue – appears right at the end – in the 10th spot of the Celtic Cross. This is traditionally the card where you see the Outcome.

The ART card in the Thoth deck is more about the art of alchemy – so being able to turn something negative into a positive – perhaps this is where our lessons are. Suffering is transmuted to healing and love. Either way – contrasted with the reverse death card this card shows us we can change …we should change…. and we have to change … the power is in our hands.

If I were to judge the period of time in months, to me this ‘outcome’ begins to make itself known around 7-10 months from now …

I pulled a final card to ask for Advice – how do we get to this glorious world of peace and love and virtue. The Queen of Wands made her grand entrance full of energy, fire and passion. At the start of the reading, we were all homebodies, introspective and fearful – but by the end of the year -we will be shaken out of our hibernation. This energy is ALL about transformation and this is one determined lady! We will reclaim our strength, confidence and knowing and we will move forward together – no longer in the fear that gripped us/paralysed us – but in love! There is a sense of new beginnings – a fertile and abundant time.

But take note, there is a real sense of ‘one more challenge to overcome’ before we get there … maybe this is for those in the collective who resisted the change that was offered to them previously, there will be one more opportunity to accept that ‘gift’. For all of us in the collective – this will not feel like a gift when there is suffering. All change is accompanied by a certain amount of suffering or hard work but huge transformation is ahead in 2022 for all of us.

I couldn’t help but reflect on the fact I was drawn to the Oak Table adorned with my family tartan. For the longest time I had wanted a proper wooden kitchen table as it symbolised family to me. A place where we can all eat and gather around at any point in the day. Mr P and I used to travel a lot and we didn’t have what you would call a ‘home’ so this year it seemed so important to have that symbol in our home. I can see why now. Home should be a place of safety,

Given the first deck to fall out was the Queen of Disks, I think I was being shown what is important to me – a sense of home and a sense of connection through the family. That family message extends to our ‘global family’. We need to go back to days of being compassionate and supporting our neighbours and our community. My feeling from today’s reading is 2021 was reminding us what’s important – we were taken back to basics in the hierarchy of needs and what we do with that lesson is up to us moving forward. The Universe and the Great Mother stepped in to give us a chance to correct our course. We can stop trying to resist the change through our Fear patterns. It’s time to adjust your positioning folks – the great reset is in progress and we are so close now … there is one more awakening event to come … but on the other side… Love. Peace and Oneness awaits.

Love, light and blessings to all in 2022.

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