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gaia's light reiki studio meditationFrom time to time you may attend a workshop or even run a workshop yourself. If you are looking for a meditation to kick off proceedings this is a great one to start with. This is just an example of the format some of my Workshop Meditations take along with some information about the different types of meditations available to you.

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Working with Reiki Energies

We are going to start by making sure we are sitting comfortably with our feet both firmly on the ground (you can take your shoes off if you wish). Make you’re your back is straight. Bring your shoulders up around your ears, and then drop them and, as you drop them, gently part your mouth to allow the air to exhale when you begin our deep breathing.

I want you to do this two or three times.

OK, now close your eyes.

Rest both of your hands on your lap. Make sure you feel warm.

If you want, wrap a blanket around you to keep warm during the meditation. You’re going to be sitting here for a few minutes so make sure you are comfortable.

Now focus on your breathing.

Inhale through your nose – take a really deep breath starting the breath from your diaphragm and be conscious of your lungs as they fill with air, causing your abdomen to expand and rise.

When you can inhale no more, hold for a few seconds and then gently, very gently release your breath.

As you inhale again, imagine a white energy source entering your crown chakra and filling every single cell in your body with white luminescent energy.

As you exhale, imagine/visualise that you are releasing any tension that might exist in your body, release any pain, any tension, any stress. You are letting it all go.

So with the “in” breath, in comes source energy renewing, healing, invigorating and with the “out” breath – release.

Release fears, release worries, release any type of negative emotion. Release anything that’s holding you back.

Now I want you to move your awareness down to your feet. Make sure your feet are flat on the floor. I want you to imagine roots going from your feet deep into the earth and spreading into a thousand tiny roots.

All of these roots are going deeper and deeper into the earth, down past rocks, past crystals, down deep into the beating heart of the earth, the molten core, into Mother Earth, becoming one with the Gaia Spirit.

You feel grounded.  You feel earthed.  Connected, secure.

Now imagine wrapping a cloak of protection around yourself.  The coat can be made of anything you desire but this coat protects you – nothing can get through its coating.

You feel completely safe as you connect with the spirit world. You are held in love, light and protection at all times and only communicate with the highest and purest of spirits, ascended masters and lifeforms.

Now imagine you are by a slow moving stream that meanders its way through the beautiful lush dense countryside.

You approach the stream and watch the reeds and aquatic plants gently undulating in the slow current.  You can see fish swimming in the river.  The sound of the water is relaxing, soothing. You can feel the sun beat down on you and warm you to the core.

You can hear the birds gently singing their beautiful birdsong.  You are calm and serene.  You decide to dip your toes in the warm flowing stream and you dip your toes and shins in the warm water and it feels like the water is massaging our toes and feet with the gentle currents.

You shut our eyes and just feel that sensation of the water flowing and the sun warming our heads and bodies and listening to the woodland birds in their beautiful song.

As you inhale, you are absorbing the full power of nature and you are connecting ourselves with all living things, plants, trees, fish, animals, hills, mountains, insects.

You feel that universal connection and you reinforce our grounding with mother earth.  You feel all of our worries, all our fears flowing away with the flow of the stream.  The stream is literally cleansing us of those fears and worries and negative emotions.  The feeling of letting go and releasing is liberating.

You feel our hearts filling up with love for this beautiful planet with all of its wondrous sights, with all of the incredible creatures that share the planet with us.

As you fill up with this love, it begins to overflow and radiate outwards.  You imagine this love linking with our fellow meditators and as it connects with our fellow meditators it becomes stronger and begins to circle around the group building with each revolution and when it has built up to a fantastic speed, you send this feeling of love upwards, up into the atmosphere right outside of the earth’s gravitational pull and then it holds itself outside of the earth’s blue glowing magical splendour and then links with others around the world who are also sending their loving energy upwards and as you link again the love energy intensifies and strengthens and you can see thousands of light energy sources reaching up to join our orbiting love energy and then when the energy has reached its maximum you then take that energy and aim it where you feel it is needed.

It may be someone you know who needs healing, it may be a country like Syria or Iraq where people are living in fear and need that loving energy.

It may be an animal that is endangered by man’s actions.

It might be a plant or tree that is threatened by man’s actions.  Direct that loving energy down to the intended target and let it feel the full force of that combined love energy.  When you feel that your first target has felt the full force of that loving healing energy, select another target and send that energy down again and bathe the subject in the warm, loving, healing energy.

Now you move your focus outwards away from planet earth out to the vast cosmos and you reach out with open arms and connect with that universal energy. You embrace the past, the present and the future and you send your love outwards in a million different directions to every living being that might be out there in the vast cosmos.

You are now going to take that loving energy and give it back to yourself – you place your hands gently on your heart and bring that loving healing energy magnified billions of times by having connected with all living beings back into yourself.

You are giving yourself permission to love yourself, to nurture yourself, to cherish yourself.  You feel the beautiful waves of loving universal energy wash over you like warm waves of soothing pure warm water.

You feel the water that washes over you healing each of your chakras.  First, the water becomes filled with white or silver luminescence, shining luminous energy and you feel the warm water cleanse, purify and fully open your heart chakra.

The warm water that showers over you now changes colour to a deep indigo colour and you feel your 3rd eye opening and becoming fully alive and clear.

Your full intuitive and psychic power has been activated by this indigo energy.

The water changes again to a deep rich blue and you feel your throat chakra opening wide and enabling all of your communicative abilities to be opened and fully awakened.

You now sense the water flowing over you is changing to a bright emerald green colour and as this change occurs your crown chakra is opened and invigorated and the love overwhelms you as you feel the full power of the heart chakra as that love courses through your being.

The water changes again into a shining sunshine yellow and our solar plexus chakra is awakened and enriched by this wonderful water flowing and cascading over us.

This is the core of our being like the sun is in our Solar System.  This awakens our confidence our vitality, our personal power our wellbeing.  The solar plexus chakra connects with many vital centres in our body, spleen, stomach, liver, gallbladder and so is vital to our health.

You feel that strong sunshine energy shining from your solar plexus. The water changes colour again to a warm orange like the setting sun.  You are opening your sacral chakra wide open and enabling it to reach its full power and potential.

This chakra is the emotional core of our bodies where all of our emotions reside.  Our creative power, our ambition, our hopes, our dreams all reside here.  Our passion our intimacy.  You feel the full strength of this chakra opening wide.

And now finally the water changes from an orange glow to a shining red and you feel your root chakra opening and becoming empowered and strong and awakened.

This is the chakra that literally roots us to the earth, that grounds us.  The basis upon which everything is built upon.

Your centred-ness comes from a strong root chakra. You sway in rhythm as you feel the root chakra fully open.

You are now going to bring yourself back into your body.  You are going to focus on your breathing. Deep breaths filling our lungs and slowly releasing the breath.

You are conscious of your feet firmly touching the ground and sending those white roots deep, deep down into the earth’s core, grounding you.  You are conscious that your Teflon coated cloak of protection is still wrapped around you holding you in love light and protection at all times.  You open our eyes and give yourself a little shake to bring you right back to your body and back into the room.

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