Gaia’s Garden

Gaia's Light GardenGaia’s Light is set on a 2.5-acre property in the beautiful area of Fountaindale on the Central Coast of NSW. After a year-long search for the ideal property, I’d been feeling frustrated. Frustrated with vendors in Sydney who were just trying to cash in on the insane house prices with no sign of them being brought back to reality.

In the end, I did what any self-respecting light worker/witchling should do – I asked the Universe for help.  We needed to find a home that the owners were actually keen to sell (yes, I thought that was a given too). To keep things sensible we realised we were looking for somewhere that needed some love so (a) we could afford it and (b) we could put our own mark on it. It didn’t need to have fancy finishes – just good energy. Oh, and it had to have some surrounding bushland or a rural vibe, maybe even near water – somewhere like the Hawkesbury River.  I left the finer details of our new home up to the Universe.  And yes – I am delighted to say – the Universe obliged, providing in abundance.

So Gaia’s Light packed up its crystals and relocated from the beautiful Bush Shire of Berowra to this wonderful part of NSW, ready to bring love, light, healing and anything else that Gaia’s Light may be called upon to do.

Of course, as any of you who have ever moved home or business will be aware, there is a never-ending list of projects ahead. Some are more urgent than others, and some are just part of a mythical wishlist percolating in the background. I am planning to blog about these projects at some point so I do hope you’ll tune in for that when I get it all going.  Until then though I wanted to share an extract on some musings I had on the first morning in our new home.

“As I wander around our garden it occurs to me the front looks pleasing to the eye. Though starting to get a bit overgrown, it’s obvious someone has taken care of the part you can see on the approach up the drive. There are exotic fish, fruit trees, exotic palms, plants and flowers. Yes someone wanted this part of the garden to look like a paradise. However, as I walk around the back of the property and look up the sweeping hill covered in trees and ferns, with its reminders of past occupants, I sense a different story. An old chicken coup with rusted wire and dilapidated wood, a bathtub filled with weeds and a rickety shed that seems to be supported purely by willpower – all reminders of ideas or flashes of inspiration that have long since been abandoned. These are the hidden parts that the previous owners didn’t want anyone to see as they approached up that long windy driveway. The mass of weeds, the lack of care, the dying, the decayed, the neglected.

It occurs to me this is symbolic of us as people. We project the exotic, pretty side of ourselves to onlookers but we hide so much of ourselves in the background. There is much work to be done. Planning, weeding, watering, digging and general care – healing work. But it’s important work, to focus on that part of ourselves that we keep hidden from view, to bring love to areas of our life that have been neglected. Yet you will often find some of the most beautiful flowers in amongst those weeds – some beautiful aspects of ourselves. What a perfect spot for a spiritual consultancy, for healing work to take place. What a perfect spot to see the wonders of transformation.”

I hope you come to love Gaia’s Garden as much as I do. Feel the protection and the wisdom of the Gums and the Angophoras, and relax as you listen to the King Parrots and Lorikeets chatter. Over time we’ll welcome chickens and ducks and we know there’s a rescue dog out there looking for their forever home here too. Look out for my posts as Gaia’s Garden develops. It is my hope that once you leave after a visit here, you will feel recharged with the blessings of Gaia’s Light.

Namaste x

If you would like to read more about life on the property why not visit our sister website by clicking the link, Lorikeet Lane – By Discovering Nature You Discover Yourself

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