Akashic Records Reading – Distance

Sacred Geometry in the Akashic RecordsWhy am I here? That’s perhaps the question that comes up the most when we consult the Akashic Records. Perhaps you have a mission to help our planet or to help humanity. Many of us have volunteered to come back and help the planet ascend at this time. Sometimes that work is hard-going and we need to remember our greater purpose. Your Records in the Akash hold the wisdom you seek.

Perhaps you’d like to understand karmic patterns within your family or guidance on why you are experiencing blocks and challenges in your life? Do you have anxiety in your life about a specific issue or you feel something in life is holding you back? Perhaps you have patterns in relationships that keep coming up time and time again.

The Akashic Records are fields of energy and information that contains our soul wisdom, information, technical and creative knowledge from  many lifetimes. Anything that has ever happened – every deed, thought or action is stored in the Akashic Records – without judgement – only unconditional love.

As a qualified Akashic Earth Reader & Healer, I can access your records and I can retrieve the wisdom contained within – and bring it back into your present life. This can only be done with your permission as access to the Records is a sacred act and work is only carried out in a high vibration state. We can do this in person either at my studio on the NSW, Central Coast, or through a pre-arranged DISTANT Reading/Healing appointment.

The Records will enrich you with a deeper understanding of yourself – and you will have the opportunity to understand your past lives and heal at soul level in a way that will assist you the life you live today.

Be prepared for big changes though. Consulting the Akashic Records will impact your life – for some people these changes can be felt immediately.

Are you ready to embrace your soul truth?

How do Distance Readings and Healings Work?

For Distance Readings or Healings, we arrange a date and time as we usually would and then I will send you a brief Questionnaire and Consent Form. Once you return this, and payment for the session, I then send you an MP3 recording. I will ask you to follow the Meditations at our allotted time and date – just as if you were here with me in the studio. While you are listening to the guided meditations at your end, I will be creating a sacred space and activating the process at my end. I too will be following the Meditations which will lead you on a ‘pathway’ to the Records. Once in the Records I will have access to your soul wisdom and will begin journaling all that comes through for you. I may also be guided to work with crystals or other forms of energy healing to help remove blocks on an energetic level – or perhaps help any aches and pains you may be experiencing. I will also pull a few Archetype/Soul Contract cards for you. It’s amazing the information that flows – remembering always – to work in the Highest Vibration and only for your Highest Good. 

Akashic Readings and Healings are generally lengthy sessions – there is a commitment required and a willingness to ‘do the work’ (meditation)- but anything is possible. It is truly a beautiful, healing space full of unconditional love.

If you are able to allocate a couple of hours to your Meditation and ‘journeying’ into the Akashic Records, and then be available afterwards to discuss the information accessed, then a Distance session could be for you

Duration – 2-3 hours
Your Reader will do preparatory work before your appointment and will type up your keepsake report after the appointment. If you are able to commit 2 hours to your appointment this will ensure you get the most from it.

Price – $300

Payment options – PayPal.me or Electronic Transfer payments in advance. Once payment is received you will be sent your channelled Meditation MP3.

At the time of booking I will ask you to complete a basic questionnaire. You will have the opportunity to ask 2-3 questions for which you seek the answers to from your own Records. If you do not have specific questions, then you will be asked why you wish to consult the Records (you may want an overview of your life’s path for example).

On receipt of your answers I will use the time before I meet you to tune in to your energy and I will take notes on anything that comes through for you. I may, if I feel guided to do so, complete an Akashic Tarot Spread for you in advance of your appointment and will also consult the Soul Archetypes in your timeline.

Ideally you should have some experience in meditation as you will be guided through a series of mediations during the session. You may also wish to keep a notepad and pen beside you to note down any experiences you have, though I will also email your reading and whatever we discuss in our follow-up call.