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gaia's light reiki, Chakra healing, Chakra balance, Evie McRaeAccording to the varied traditions around the world, there are thousands of Chakra points in the human body. We pay little heed to the majority of them nowadays, particularly in Western society. There are those who have studied the 40 more significant ones in the hands, feet, fingertips and shoulders, however, for our purposes, we will focus purely on the seven main Chakras located along the centre line of the body.

As explained in my previous Chakra post, ‘Chakra’ when translated means wheel or disk. When these chakras are open and you are in a state of balanced health, these chakras spin, vibrating at their core frequency.

The seven main Chakras are located at the base of the spine to the top of the head. They are positioned as follows:

Crown Chakra:                  Violet/ upper brain/spiritual connection

Third-eye Chakra:            Indigo/lower brain/psychic intuition

Throat Chakra:                  Blue/bronchial and tongue/communication

Heart Chakra:                    Green/heart and blood/emotions and love

Solar Plexus Chakra:      Yellow/Liver/Intellect and ambition

Sacral Chakra:                    Orange/reproductive system/Creativity and desire

Root Chakra:                       Red/kidneys/protection/grounding

Blocked Chakras

There are many things that can slow or block any one of the Chakras. These can be deep-rooted traumas or fairly recent upsets. The best way to explain a blocked Chakra is when you ‘close something down’ or ‘bury’ an emotion. For example, if you are constantly having to hold your tongue and not speak your truth, more often than not, your throat chakra – responsible for communication – will be blocked. If it’s an emotional issue you may find your heart chakra blocked. If you are closing something down on an emotional level, it’s happening on an energetic level too. It’s important to address the blocks we carry within us before they lead to physical distress or even illness.

Duration of treatment – 1 hour

Price – $120

Payment options – Paypal and Electronic Transfer payments in advance or Cash on the day. Cards are not accepted at this time.


We will begin with a short consultation. I like to have an understanding of what your expectations are and whether you have ever had a chakra balancing treatment before. It is also useful to have an understanding of any existing medical conditions or if you wish to share, any personal challenges you are facing. I abide by a strict code of ethics so please be reassured that everything we discuss is in the strictest confidence. During your consultation, you will be offered water to ensure you keep hydrated. You are under no obligation to share personal information if you do not wish.

Hand Positioning/Placement

I use the Reiki energy to tune in, but rather than go through the various hand positions for a Reiki treatment, I work through the seven main chakra points of the body. You may find I linger in some areas longer than others. This will be dictated by the flow of energy at your chakra points. Where you have been holding on to anger or pain, the corresponding chakra may be sluggish or blocked and I will work with it until it is either resolved or not required.


I do not immediately use crystals in a chakra balancing. I prefer to understand what’s happening in the energy centres before deciding which crystals to use. If I use crystals in your treatment I will ask your permission before I place them on your body.


Simply enjoy the gentle energy of Reiki as it works through you.

Closing Ceremony

As we come to the end of your session, I will work through a simple closing ceremony to ensure all negativity is released. Once I have closed, I will gently wake you, or bring you back to the room by laying my hands on your ankles or shoulders. This is a simple act to ensure you are grounded again and don’t feel too spacey when you leave the sanctuary of the studio.


Before you go on your way back into the world, we will finish with a chat and some water.  In some cases, old wounds may be stirred up or an experience may come to mind through your chakra balance. This is perfectly normal and indicates a shift – a clearing out – if you will. We can work through these at subsequent sessions if required. My intention is to ensure you leave the studio feeling relaxed and refreshed and if possible – a little lighter.

Please note
Gaia’s Light Chakra Balance is not to be used instead of medical opinion and treatment. Gaia’s’ Light does not diagnose illness, nor does it claim to cure illness. Chakra balancing should be used as a support to your health management not instead of your prescribed treatment2

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  1. Nadene Ross says:

    I would like to book a session as a gift if that’s possible can I pay for it and let them choose when they come to you ?

    • Evie McRae says:

      Hi Nadene – thank you for your message. Yes, it is possible to pay for a session as a gift. I’m happy to personalise a Gift Card for your friend from you. I will email you to discuss this further. Have a wonderful day. Evie xx

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