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reiki boost, recharge, evie mcrae, reiki practitionerIf you’ve never had Reiki before your mind may be full of questions. Reiki Boost is an ideal way to dip your toe in the water so you know what you’re letting yourself in for.

The Reiki Boost session is also great when you feel you need a ‘top-up’ between more intense sessions. When clients begin to delve into issues that require healing on a deeper level, it can often release a range of emotions. We still have to function in day-to-day life and we don’t have the luxury of collapsing into these emotions. This is where the Reiki Boost is so beneficial. It’s a like a recharge on your mobile phone when the battery is showing red – just a little to get you through.

Duration – 30 minutes

Price – $50

Payment options – Electronic Transfer payments in advance is the preferred option, however, Paypal is also available for your convenience. Cash on the day, or SmartPhone Transfer is also an option. Cards are not accepted at this time.

We will begin with a short consultation to recap on your previous session or to discuss your expectations if you are sampling the Reiki energy for the first time.  We can also address any issues you are experiencing or any blocks you wish me to focus on. I abide by a strict code of ethics so please be reassured that everything we discuss is in the strictest confidence. During your consultation, you will be offered water to ensure you keep hydrated.

Hand Positioning/Placement
If this is a taster session, I’ll explain what to expect in your Reiki session. Most practitioners will give you the choice of hands-on or hands-off treatment, however, I feel most effective with my hands just above your body. If I feel the need for hands-on I will ask your permission beforehand.

I will then ask you to lie or sit on the treatment couch (full clothed) and close your eyes. Once I’ve started the treatment some clients will express their thoughts, things they see, or the sensations they feel as the energy moves. Many clients find they drift off to sleep during the treatment. There is no right or wrong way to experience Reiki – that’s one of the many beautiful things about it.

Closing Ceremony
As we come to the end of your session, I will work through a simple closing ceremony to ensure all negativity is released. Once I have closed, I will gently wake you, or bring you back to the room by laying my hands on your ankles or shoulders. This is a simple act to ensure you are grounded again and don’t feel too spacey when you leave the sanctuary of the Reiki room.

Before you go on your way back into the world, you will be offered water and the chance to hydrate and time to talk through your experiences.

Please note
Gaia’s Light Reiki sessions (or any other services provided) are not to be used instead of medical opinion and treatment. Gaia’s’ Light does not diagnose illness, nor does it claim to cure illness. Reiki and any other complementary therapy/healing work should be used as a support to your health management not instead of your prescribed treatment.

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  1. Toni says:

    I had an amazing experience with Evie, having never had Reiki done before she was there to guide me along the session and explain exactly what was going on and what I could expect to experience after the session had ended. Overall I would definitely go back to see Evie!

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