Casting the Runes (Readings)

Long before I knew I had an ancient lineage in the Nordic traditions I was drawn to Runes. I still use the stones I first bought when I was about 15 years old (and I’m not about to let slip how long ago that was). I connected with the cold, solidity of the stones instantly and loved how they would slide between my fingers and nestle in the palm of my hands. The accuracy of the 3 Rune spread I used to do ‘for fun’ always astounded me and only fuelled my passion to understand their secrets.

Over the years Runes have become personally symbolic to me. I discovered my ancestors came from Norway and there had been stories about a ‘Viking’ in our family but never paid it any attention until, through DNA, I found there might possibly be some substance to the story. 

In later years through ‘journeying’ I discovered my affinity to the Völva (or seeress) – these were Viking witches who travelled from town to town and were greatly respected.

In the last 10 years the significance has grown. My Australian husband’s recent ancestry is Norwegian (he still has close family living in Norway) and I have visited Tromso with him. I have to say I felt completely at home here on the edge of the Arctic Circle in quiet, yet comfortable isolation. There is something uniquely pleasurable about the low, slate clouds that seem to envelope you as you venture outdoors.

One of our most memorable trips back to my homeland (Scotland) was when we visited Orkney. We were not prepared for the magnificence of Maeshowe (a Neolithic chambered cairn) that was adorned with 12th Century Viking graffiti. We were both spellbound.

Perhaps most symbolically, and appropriately, our wedding rings are engraved with runic inscriptions. We both have Strength and Unity – a strong marital mantra I’m sure you’ll agree.

There is a ritual element I love with the Runes as they can be used in magical rituals to invoke high vibrational energies when working in the light. Though I’m sure the Vikings who left their mark on Maeshowe were feeling less than high vibrational judging by the translations which were of a showy/bravado and sexual nature.

Duration: Varies according to length of reading (30 mins minimum)

Format: Email Readings & one-to-one.
Runic Casting/various spreads including Runic Cross/Past Present & Future.
Please focus on the specific
questions you wish to ask.

  • 1 Emailed Question (30 mins)
  • 2 Emailed Questions (45 mins)
  • 3 Emailed Questions (60 mins)

Simply email me your questions and I will arrange a time with you.  I will provide beautifully designed keepsake notes of your reading so you can refer to it in the future. Please ask if you would prefer a visual recording of your session.


$50 – (1 Question)
$75 – (2 Questions)
$100 – (3 Questions)

Payment options – Paypal and Electronic Transfer payments in advance at time of booking (for email readings). Cash on day if you are visiting Gaia’s Light. Card machine payment is not available at this time onsite.