Could your child be psychic or ‘gifted’?

A few years ago I had the privilege of interviewing Jenny, a child who was having experiences outside the norm of a regular 11 year old girl. She had kindly agreed along with her mother and her counsellor to share a story that may help other children in her position. So what do you do if you discover your child is having psychic experiences? Do you ignore them and hope it all goes away, putting their experiences down to a colourful imagination – or do you indulge your child, all-the-while thinking this is something that only exists in the realms of fantasy. 

Perhaps you are being called upon to be more open minded. My article was first published by Natural Health & Wellbeing many years ago, but it’s amazing how the description of a mass awakening is now coming to fruition. Even in those days it was still a bit woowoo to discuss such matters, but our attitudes to how we treat children and ‘spirituality’ are rapidly changing. Indeed here in Australia you may recall David Campbell sharing his story about his son who believed himself to be Princess Diana in his previous life.  Slowly but surely we are realising – our children have much to teach us.

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