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Evie McRae Pindsle: Bio 
Evie McRae Pindsle is a published author, writer, Akashic Earth Healer and Akashic Earth/Records Reader, Reiki Healer and Spiritual Consultant.  She is the ghostwriter behind Internationally acclaimed Psychic Medium, Peter Williams debut title Searching Spirit. She is also the former Deputy Editor of the UK’s leading Natural Health & Wellbeing magazine. Over the years she has been a contributing writer to numerous publications in Australia and the UK.

Through all of Evie’s healings and creative work key themes have emerged including Duality/Transformation/Alchemy. Her key theme, however, is around turning trauma, pain and adversity into something positive whether that’s healing or a gradual acceptance of the situation.  

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Evie made Australia her home in 2002. However, she remains
close to her Scottish roots and returns as frequently as her schedule allows.



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