The White WitchWhether you are a mentor, coach, healer, medium, channeller or light worker, chances are you have either had a career prior to the work you do now – or you still have a career that you run alongside your practice. You will find these skills, qualifications, and levels of expertise from your working life actually have a place in the healing work you are doing today. I am a firm believer that all experiences bring us to where we need to be and – just as the Magician (Magus) shows us – you have all the tools you need at your disposal.

When I was just starting out (many more years than I care to remember), I graduated in Marketing, Journalism, and Public Relations (with 2 fun years studying Graphic Design and some early years working as a designer with the Health Board, before moving on to a boutique design agency ). I didn’t stop there though. I was ambitious and driven to take my studies more and more seriously, graduating in other areas including Publishing and so on. Ultimately in terms of my career, I worked in the Publishing Industry and then around 2002 moved on to more Senior Leadership roles in the corporate world across marketing communications/strategy. The fact that I had lived in different countries also stood me in good stead, in terms of understanding global markets. I worked hard but I found the higher up the corporate ladder I climbed, the further I was taken away from my soul passions. When I walked away from my corporate career to pursue my own business aspirations – I never actually realised how valuable my skills would be in the ‘spiritual’ world. There seemed to be such a dichotomy between Spirituality and Marketing (whereas Spirituality and Creativity seemed so obviously interconnected).

Nowadays, I am truly in my passion weaving my writing with healing and transformation in my little studio of dreams – my dreams. I love running a spiritual practice on a small property. I also LOVE providing mentorship and ghostwriting for writers. I love being what I call a ‘word doula’ – helping birth amazing stories of resilience or transformation. I love to help others see their creative ambitions come true.

I’m at my most fulfilled working in the heart space. Which leads me on to ‘Spiritual Marketing’. It occurred to me I could really be of service to this community that I am so passionate about. Perhaps there are one or two of you who could really benefit from my years of Marketing, Copywriting, PR etc … indeed … I have actually been helping spiritual businesses with their positioning, content for their website, branding, publications and so on already … without ever really defining it.

So, here it is. If you are a healer, spiritual practitioner of mentor/coach that needs a little help with their branding, positioning or ‘Spiritual Marketing’, do get in touch. It would be a pleasure and an honour to use my skills for the greater good. I am in this world, I am of this world – you won’t have to have awkward conversations with me, trying to explain anything about ‘energy’ or ‘soul clients’ … I already get it. I live it! While I won’t necessarily ‘promote’ this offering on a wider level (realistically, I only have the capacity for a handful of dedicated clients) – the service is here if you are serious about taking your brand and offering to the next level. If you would like to have a conversation send me a message using the link below. Let me help you Shine Your Light. x

Co-creation & Spiritual Marketing

If you would like me to help you shine your light through positioning, branding, and marketing, simply email me on the link below.