Channelled Reading

If you need answers, or you’re looking for messages, signs, or wisdom to bring clarity to a situation that’s playing out in your life, a channelled reading might provide the perspective you need. The readings do not seek to ‘tell you what to do’ but simply shine light upon the situation so you may have more clarity. The answers often appear to you as soon as that connection has been made and the path has been cleared. If I have accessed your Akashic Records in a previous session, there may be more wisdom waiting to come through which will provide further illumination.

Channellings come through in many ways and may come from your Guides, my Guides, Ascended Master, the Universe/Source, and from time-to-time, the studio is filled with the purest vibrational energy forms – as angelic beings and our cosmic cousins work ever more closely alongside us during these times. If I am recording your session these energies will be infused in your recording and can be played over and over again to ‘feel’ the healing energies and the flow of information.  I myself, may receive a ‘download’ of information, or I may receive symbols, scenes, or simply hear the answers to your questions. Depending on the flow of information I will write (or speak) as I channel so your reading is written or recorded as it comes.

If the answers to our questions are hidden or veiled, it will be in the interest of your Highest Good. If this is the case I will provide you with an alternative reading (as guided) since there may be blocks or scenarios and lessons still playing out in your life.

These channelling sessions are amongst my favourite service offerings because you never know what is going to come through – sometimes the simplest of messages are the most profound and have wider implications for humanity.

Simply book and pay for your appointment and I will conduct the channelling session/reading during that time slot. You do not need to be available at this time as this is when I will be channelling the information. I will either write or record the information as it comes through and send you the recording that evening.

Please note, these are not mediumship sessions. If you would like recommendations for Mediums whom I trust and believe to be authentic, please do let me know. I have a handful of contacts I can recommend either in Queensland or NSW (and a few in the UK). I stress this point because I fully understand the valuable role a Medium plays in providing ‘evidence’ that your loved ones live on.

Format Your Reading will be provided in:

  • MP3 Recording
  • Word Document