Gaia’s Little Wild Hearts

I am a volunteer wildlife rescuer, and I’m “in the process” of being registered as a wildlife rehabilitator/foster carer here in Sandford, the southern region of the most southerly Australian state of Tasmania.

Wildlife carers in Tasmania are generally independent which means there is no membership body offering financial support or collective donations to help with vet bills, equipment, enclosures, or training – so carers in Tasmania have to pay for everything themselves. Being new to the state, I have much to learn, not least about the unique wildlife, but having been a member of WIRES before moving to Tassie, I am already noticing some major differences which I will discuss in later posts. What we do have here though, is a network of incredible human beings, each doing their best to give injured and orphaned native wildlife a second chance. I have been blown away by the encouraging, dedicated, community spirit of carers here in Tassie. More on that later too!

So, welcome to Gaia’s Little Wild Hearts. While I plan to take you through all the highs and lows of becoming a wildlife rescuer and rehabilitator here in Tasmania, I will also be sharing some of my adventures with the incredible little wild hearts I meet along the way.

If you have a little wild heart too, and perhaps consider yourself to be a wildlife ambassador, I know we can make a difference together. When you book a session with Gaia’s Light Spiritual Consultancy, know that you will also be helping to heal, support or provide sanctuary to a little wild heart in my care. Thank you for shining your light you beautiful beings.